Friday, June 29, 2012

Seattle real estate news

Glacier Fish Co., a major player in Alaska's pollock fishery, has landed a new home in Seattle.

Glacier's $5.1 million purchase of this new Class A office building near Fishermen's Terminal was a bargain, says this Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce story reposted on a commercial real estate firm's website.

Glacier will occupy one of the building's three floors.

The International Pacific Halibut Commission leases one of the other floors.

Glacier operates three factory trawlers targeting pollock and other groundfish in the Bering Sea.


Anonymous said...

Glacier Fish Co. is a partner to the Norton Sound CDQ group, NSEDC. Perhaps, NSEDC will occupy "one of the building's three floors." NSEDC has been moving farther and farther away from the Norton Sound region since it's start 20 years ago.

The poor stakeholders are finally learning about the intent of the CDQ program so NSEDC's got to get farther away before their office in Anchorage is trampled by the angry, let-down poor people beholden to the welfare system. There's billions and billions of their Public Monies dollars being invested away from the region as fast as one can blind an eye. It's not what the people want or need.

Tim Smith said...

As blogger number one says, Norton Sound Economic Development Corporation owns 37.5% of Glacier Fish Company.

It's revealing that NSEDC didn't have to tell the board of directors about this big purchase and they would never consider talking to the people in the 15 Norton Sound communities before sinking that kind of money in Seattle.

Except for a few crumbs, all of our CDQ program money is being invested someplace other than in Norton Sound communities, preferably thousands of miles away.

I sure would like to know how that provides economic opportunity for the people in the villages but I don't know who would be willing to answer that question.

Anonymous said...

IPHC in the same building seems to be a conflict of interest - talking in the lobby or in the elevator would give the fishing industry a head start on what's coming down from the commissioners. Every agency these days has a leaker or a weaker man who is willing to sell out bits and pieces for a price. Unfair balance.