Tuesday, June 5, 2012

End of the line for high-seas drifter

Federal officials intend to scrap the Bangun Perkasa, the high-seas driftnet vessel detained at Dutch Harbor since October.

They're seeking a contractor to "dismantle and dispose of the ship."

Marine surveyor Jack McFarland found the vessel to be old and poorly maintained. He put its value at $250,000.

See the contractor solicitation, the survey report and a bunch of photos here.


Anonymous said...

Just like the Feds to spend a couple million dollars to sell a one dollar boat! Hope they don't mind that their retirements get spent paying the bills.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the vessel is valued at $250,000. I was walking by it this morning and a worker from the local salvage company said if I'd take it away it was mine.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes salvage pays off.

Anonymous said...

Seriously Jack, $250k? Were there fresh paint fumes in there?