Wednesday, April 11, 2012

'Threats and challenges'

A new annual report from the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute sees several "threats and challenges for Alaska in the global marketplace."

Among the listed items:

• Chilean salmon farmers have greatly increased production and are on track to fully rebound from devastating outbreaks of the ISA virus, infectious salmon anemia.

• Funding could be reduced for the Market Access Program, which helps promote American products abroad. The federal program has allocated millions of dollars to ASMI in years past.

• Aquaculture continues to increase its percentage of world seafood supply, with Alaska's share now down to 1.3 percent.

• With increases in the value of state's wild salmon, halibut and other species, Alaska producers face "price resistance" in the marketplace.

• Alaska always has been an expensive place to operate, and it's getting worse with rising fuel and transportation costs.


Anonymous said...

ASMI... now there's an outfit to tell you the truth about the health of the markets. That's like asking the fox how the chickens are doing.

How's their owners' access to the annual Saltonstall-Kennedy tariff billions of dollars doing?

Anonymous said...

Does that make sense to anyone at all?

Anonymous said...

it makes sense that he/she has no clue what he's talking about. in either sentence!!

Anonymous said...

Makes perfect sense, unless you missed the MSA class too..

Anonymous said...

But of course reading the report...

"Preliminary numbers from 2011 season indicate a continued rebound in value of the salmon harvest which appears to be one of the most valuable in history."

Anonymous said...

There is no access at all by "their owner's" to the SK funds

most unfortunate that NOAA eats it all. The industry could use it to keep up with the world market of competeing products!

Anonymous said...

ASMI is run by a board of processor "owners".

SK billions are available to the seafood industry and is hardly exhausted by NOAA. They "eat" a few million is all.

Any other misleading/misguided question/statements?

Research Saltonstall-Kennedy Act, you might learn something eye opening.

You might learn how guys like Stevens got leverage.

Anonymous said...

The S/K transfer to NOAA for FY 2013 is $124M ( NOT Billions! Lol) and all but $5M will be further transfered by NMFS to their Operations, Research and Facilities (ORF) account, instead of to the Promote and Develop Seafood Products Account where it is mandated by Congress for 60% of it to go and to be used for as referenced in the name of the acct. The $5M "may" be used for the S/K Grant program and if everything goes according to their historical Granting scheme (that is also available for your review over the last 50 years), the universities and a very few others will receive most of the $5M to do research that NMFS wants done. If you would like to truly educate yourself about the SK fund and it's long history of reprogramming away from the industry and it's intended purpose, instead of just blogging away in ignorance, I suggest you access all of the very accessible info out there on the SK subject.

Out of the industry's frustration with NOAA's disregard for Congress' direction, Senator Stevens was asked to do what NOAA would not and make it accessable to the industry for marketing and product development grants. this he did for 4 years and along with Governor Murkowski's Fisheries Revitalization plan, doubled the exvessel price to fishermen as a whole and in some cases increased prices by much much more. Even with the Senator's help, the SK grant fund never exceded 23% of the transfer from USDA, let alone the 60% mandated by Congress. Look it up dude and loose your bad thoughts towards those that are helping!

Anonymous said...

Holy shit! Somebody better tell the processors! They've been consolidating and dumping millions into increasing production and value added products.