Sunday, April 1, 2012

Buyback balloting under way

The voting period has opened for the proposed Southeast Alaska salmon seine permit buyback program.

Permit holders eligible to vote were mailed ballots on Thursday.

Voters must return their ballots by April 30.

If a majority of the 379 ballots come back in favor, the government will proceed with a buyback of 64 permits at a cost of $13.1 million.

Seiners remaining in the fishery will then repay the money over time.

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Anonymous said...

More boats to show up in 2013 !!! Get your vote mailed early, they have to be returned within 30 days, not postmarked within 30 days.

Anonymous said...

Yup, tax ourselves to not realize any net decrease. Current economics have balanced fleet effort without costing a dime. Thanks for the stupid selfish greedy plan BT, but NO thanks.

booby, you are a used car salesman.

Signed, your favorite,

Anonymous said...

NMFS is telling everybody the tax will be dropped to 1% after this season. Once you factor in you crews share of that, it's less than one percent. That is a small price to pay to guaranty those permits will never fish again.

It's not about how many permits fished the last 10 years, it's about how many will fish in the next 20. Its clear what that trend is.

Voting no is a poor business decision guys.

Anonymous said...

Am I missing something here?

"current economics" have piles of New boats entering the fishery.

Current economics have the processors financing boats for new guys, and actively soliciting gillnetters to switch over.

Current economics have the boatbuilders back in business and a bunch more new boats coming.

Current economics have guys coming up from California and new boats coming in from CAnada, more every year.

How Exactly is it that current economics have 'balanced this fleet' to the point this trend will not continue?

Anonymous said...

And that Optimum Number Study?

Page 1 is always a difficult review, MIA, as usual.

Anonymous said...

July 2, 1964, is as confusing as Egan's Letter and report July 1974?

"It is no secret....

Anonymous said...

Just take the "Convoluted Accounting Class" at SEAS, along with that ADA Compliance Committee too.

Big Optimum Number Study,
Remedial Readin
Remedial Ritin
Remedial Rithmetic...

Anonymous said...

"Factor in the crew share of that"So you are even charging your crew so that your permit is worth more money,typical arrogant crooked seine skipper,some thing never change.

Anonymous said...

NMFS is telling everybody the tax will be dropped to 1% after this season, - and there is not one bit of factual documention of this statement, just more spin to get you to vote yes.

It's not about how many permits fished the last 10 years, it's about how many will fish in the next 20. Its clear what that trend is. - and there is no clear trend other than when it is not economically feasible to fish because of low harvest and low prices, permits are not fished (such as the last ten years), so there is no need to impose a self-tax, the free market works to self-regulate, that is what capitalism is all about.

"current economics" have piles of New boats entering the fishery.

Current economics have the processors financing boats for new guys, and actively soliciting gillnetters to switch over.

Current economics have the boatbuilders back in business and a bunch more new boats coming.

Current economics have guys coming up from California and new boats coming in from CAnada, more every year.

Really, where is your proof? That's right, you don't have any documentation, you are just spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

Anonymous said...

There is no way to know if permits will enter this fishery again. Do we have signed statements from the State of Alaska, particularly Division of Investments? Or how about ADF&G or the FEDS? How about subsistence groups and the courts to which these groups will go to and say that the fishery has become "too exclusive"...? The answer is no. Contrary to what Bobby has told us this plan is Washington D.C.'s plan, NOT an Alaskan plan. The war has just begun. Get real gentlemen, the war is not about numbers of permits it has MANY more layers then that.

B T said...

Housebill 484 2006 is the optimum number protection mechanism

Too exclusive- like sitka on the year the guys made $250 avg in 45 minutes. Ruled to be not too exclusive and it stands today, 20 years later.

Too exclusive would be if we wait a couple years and get to 330 and then drop it to 275. If we never let it get to 330 but maintain at 275, there is hardly a case as the obvious OPIMUM NUMBER is that which is fishing currently in a surplus permit market situation. "So opt. number for 2011 279. optimum number for the decade is 235-250


B T said...

7. OPTIMUM # protection. IF there is a lawsuit, and there was against Sitka Sac Roe, and after 10 years they came up with.... you guessed it 51 permits ( there's 48 now) when there were 51 permits grossing $250,000 in a half hour. EVEN if we ever got rich and steady enough runs to add permits, after a decade of lawsuits, then the state of Alaska would pay us for those permits under HB484--- passed in 2006 by sponsor Peggy Wilson in the Alaska State Legislature.

Bruce W said...

this is a question of sustaining economics, there is only; price of fish, number/pounds of fish, and number of units of gear fishing. Where is there any possibility of the fleet controlling some part of their enviroment? It makes sense to have some opportunity to positively effect your investment and to create for your crews a adequate living.

Anonymous said...

Vote for the buyback and loose control of your enviroment..your fish tickets will be in Federal hands. Bobby will tell you that "they have thought of that" there are built in protections. Come on! Enough will the BS. We are dealing with the FEDS here..when have they ever kept their word? Look up HB 484.
Read it for yourself. Better yet read the committee comments as it wound its ways thru the halls of the state legislature. You will get a different perspective. Come on guys! Do your homework...don't let Bobby do it for you! For far too long we have let him and his select co-horts tell us what is best for the fleet. Think for yourself! Don"t let a guy who has every angle of this industry covered to ensure he and those who blindly support him flourish, no matter what the run. Bobby is a numbers man..he is only expecting 70% of seiners to return the buyback balloting because they are otherwise engaged in participating in longline & herring. They are busy making a living while he is busy "phoning friends" to get his "life's work" passed. This is not about saving the is about ego and for those that vote for it, greed not sustainability.

Anonymous said...

anon at 543, you are processor man.

we hired bob to do this. he'd rather have been out there june through november. it's not like he was looking for a job.

its not about ego. it's the job we hired him to do. this is not his show. it's seas show. he is just a puppet who does our bidding.

it's all about sustainability of the fishery.

loose is lose. lose control of the fishery? are you saying seas is in control of the fishery?

come on come on processor man.

if'n'd a permit you'd like the plan

B T said...


this is where your answers are from a fully documented program with all the notes and news releases archived from 2004 through 2012 regarding the buyback topic.

Anonymous said...

Fully Documented, at ADF&G?

It's distressed all right, thats why permit value's have skyrocket's because of the distressed pocketbook of our S.E. Speculation Team.

One Federal Affidavit, from Vic Smith is never enough from our "convoluted accounting" classmates, with a little distressed list, that S.E. Seine, never made?

It's a convoluted accounting of information July 15, 1974, Egan, Jackman, Rickey, Stovall...of course, 14,000 fishermen, all love bobbyt!

"Findings of the Commission Regarding the Proposed Priority Classification System." pages 19,21.

page 9, Establishing a system of administrative adjudications covering...

(E) the common law rules of evidence, from that usual and custom convoluted accounting class.

Article 3,
"The commission designates the following fisheries as distressed...."
1 S.E. Drift
2 PWS Drift
3 Cook the Books Inlet, Drift
4 Kodiak Purse Seine
5 Peninsula Drift
6 Bristol Bay Drift
7 Bristol Bay Set

Petersburg to Petersburg, and the Convoluted Accounting Class from Willamette U. U know the ones, where Optimum Number Requirements, all came out of 1 report. and applied across the state, for everyone,
love that Convoluted Accounting Affidavit.

Substantial Evidence, What a concept?
Go Wilamette U Law?

A. Standard of Review

 When the superior court acts as an intermediate court of appeal, we independently review the merits of the administrative decision.  We have recognized four principal standards of review for administrative decisions:  
(1) the substantial evidence standard applies to questions of fact;  
(2) the reasonable basis standard applies to questions of law involving agency expertise;  
(3) the substitution of judgment standard applies to questions of law where no expertise is involved;  and (4) the reasonable and not arbitrary standard applies to review of administrative regulations.
 When reviewing an agency's interpretation of its own regulation, we apply the reasonable basis standard.20  We defer to the agency unless its “interpretation is ‘plainly erroneous and inconsistent with the regulation.’ 

As we explained in Simpson, AS 16.43.240(b) provides that CFEC shall limit participation in a fishery by establishing a maximum number of entry permits.  For a non-distressed fishery, CFEC must set the maximum number of permits “at a level that is no lower than the highest number of units of gear fished in the four years prior to the limitation of the particular fishery.”  CFEC limited participation in this fishery in 1985 and determined that 1984 was the year with the highest number of units of gear fished, with seventy-three. CFEC adopted seventy-three as the maximum number for this fishery.

Anonymous said...

Bobby T claiming full documentation? What a joke, he tried to hide the fact that he was buying up permits, as well as his running buddy Rob Z, in the reverse auction until he was outed. So what makes him think that people will believe him now?

Rob Z didn't follow the rules the first time and was busted, so NMFS made him do it again -- Bobby T and Rob Z operate on the principle that they will do a shady deal and call it legit until they are busted.

Both of them are worse than used car salesmen trying to sell a lemon or an insurance rebuild total.

Anonymous said...

processor man

agreed. don't do the buyback.
fall on your knees to processor man

these guys are trying to sell a lemon or an insurance rebuild total.

don't go for it.

just keep growing the fleet so we can fish less and less and get less and less for our fish.

bad idea. bad lemon. oh,yeah, those guys hid their permits in their own names. what sneaks.

Anonymous said...

We got full documentation, from BT's Confirmation Schedule.

"In the beginning...and let the dry land appear; and it was so...And God called the dry land Earth, and he gathered togather of the waters called he SEAS...
What matter of man is this, that even the winds and sea obey him...Go! And when they were come out, they wen't into the herd of swine; and, behold, the whole herd of swine ran violently down a steep place into the sea, and perished in the waters..."

Anonymous said...

i fished with 379 permits all my career so you guys should have to also.

Anonymous said...

This whole BOGUS deal of buying back a bunch of permits that are not being used has nothing to do with "economics", or sustainability. Plain and simple, it's a matter of GREED." I got mine,I want yours and I want you and to pay for it". Go ahead and keep slamming the door in the face of those young guy's trying to get into the biz in these economic hard times and see where your are at in 20 year . I think being born with a gold spoon in your mouth is a detriment to your ability to ever find out if you could have ever made it on your own. Don't be sold down the river with those "wanna be, somebody,anybody's, anything, back seat bench warming idiot's that proposed this BOGUS deal in the first place .Optimum number means I'm in ,your out, more for me,me,me.

Anonymous said...

Actually the number's 419.

Until 2010,

And all buybacks nationwide, occur during the 2 most profitable seasons on record, for the highest recorded permit prices on record?

But those Ben Steven's exemptions, from the Magnusen Stevens Act?
Convoluted Accounting, from that Judiciary Act, 1789 really confuses em at PSVOA?

In every coastal State, the vessel surrenders the Coast Guard Document, unless of course your a former board member at PSVOA?

379 is todays number, who took the number from 419?

Every U.S. Coast Guard Admiral knows this requirement...Or didn't one ever actually read the Stevens Magnusen Act?

SS Senator Stevens=SS Senator Stevens, state or federal?

Sinking Ship's, their Speciality!

Airplanes too!

Anonymous said...

Can someone clarify is a non returned ballot considered a no vote?

Anonymous said...

If you do not return, it counts as a no vote.

Anonymous said...

Fishesuppe tastes even better with a silver spoon !!!

Anonymous said...

This buyback is bad on too many fronts to go into details.

Vote yes if you are crook.

Vote no if you are a fisherman.

Anonymous said...

Vote yes if u r fischernan
Vote no if u listen to your processor man

Anonymous said...

I am sure that these guys that speculated on these permits for the buyback will pass on what ever extra they make to whoever they swindled the permit from. I mean after all they are just looking out for our welfare right. Just doing it out of the goodness of their hearts.

Anonymous said...

Above post processor man

Anonymous said...

Must not be a processor man named Zuanich

Anonymous said...

If there is a buyback, it should be payed up front by permit holders in the game already. If you want your permit bought back, you should have to pay into the pot too, rather than leaving everyone else to pay for you!

Anonymous said...

Processor man again

Anonymous said...

Bobby's Man

Anonymous said...

wait for a puncture in a tin of pink salmon and all u yes voters will claim u need financial help from the gov to buy more nails for your shoesole buisness the harbor z fleet crooks will swallow hard on that one

Anonymous said...

Oxford University; Press 1

GOA, at NOAA; press 2

Petersburg Packin; press 3

Asymmetric information between the buyback authority (principal) and fishers (agents) in the form of moral hazard and adverse selection can be
serious issues with buyback programmes. (Moral hazard is a special case of the problem of asymmet- ric information, whereby the actions of one party to a transaction are unobservable, so that one party in a transaction has more information than another (Mas-Colell et al. 1995). This is discussed further in the Appendix, which also deals with asymmetric information and adverse selection in greater detail. See also Vestergaard (2010). Asymmetric informa- tion can be especially important when the buyback authority sets a fixed price rather than the vessel owners through a reverse auction. Buyback markets are prone to these problems, because owners of vessels, permits or gear (agents) are more knowl- edgeable about performance and characteristics of their assets than is the buyback agency (principal).

pg. 368 Ó 2010 Blackwell Publishing Ltd, FISH and FISHERIES, 11, 366–387

When Noah built the arc, bobbyt always rides for free!. "University of Willamette?"

Anonymous said...

I.R.S Licking lips finally able to audit cheating Comm fishers and their crews with this influx of cash, tax cheaters, unemployment collectors, beware gather your receipts hide your 4 wheelers Tax man coming be sure of it....

Anonymous said...

It don't get any simpler than we will be paying a tax for no net active permit loss. No thanks. Juneau will issue more permits. They have that authority and will use it when political pressure rises. Guess who will get them.

Anonymous said...

Not you processor man?
Juneau who no?

Anonymous said...

Someone trying to scare up a no vote?

IRS. What's that have to do with anything?

Anonymous said...

Scared, only if you cheat, IRS,everything to do with it.

Anonymous said...

How does not supporting the buyback make you a processor man? Whereas fishing during a strike doesn't.

Anonymous said...

They both do
Processor man is just that- not a fisherman but a guy in an office on lk union blogging against buyback

Cross Sound 67 said...

CROSS SOUND 67--Hey guys;Why not get rid of those diesel belching stainless plated pigs you call boats and do it like grandpa did. Stick a trap or three at say Chacon slide/ Polk Island/ Bronson Stool and let the fishes come to you. Like Marys' little lamb--they always come home! "Economic Stability and Clem-- What a B.S. sandwich. Jellyfish & Kisses to all

Jim Kyle said...

In the run-up to this vote most pros and cons have been discussed over and over. The concept of exclusivity, however, has been below the radar screen.

If the fishery is weak, reducing the number of latent permits will not help. If the fishery is strong, reduced permit numbers would likely help those fishing. The fishery would be more exclusive, more lucrative, and much more expensive to enter.

A strong, more exclusive fishery (fewer boats) means more income for fewer people. When I first seined S.E. as a crewmember a half century ago, you could pay for a year of college by fishing salmon in the summer. A young person can still do that today, even though tuition has skyrocketed far beyond the value of a pound of pink salmon or a gallon of diesel. How many other summer jobs offer this opportunity? Do we really want to reduce the number of crewmember positions available?

We’ve heard the argument that the fishery has to become more exclusive so that it is economically viable. I don’t think that is true. With the exception of recent years when prices bottomed (we would be roughly even if we had fished straight through), my family has depended on salmon seining, without other substantial income, since 1980. This has not been accomplished by catching more fish than everyone else.

Some of our best seasons came during the big fleet years of the 80’s and 90’s. Yes, it is crowded sometimes, but S.E. is a big area that during good seasons has opportunities to escape the fleet. The buyback’s most positive effect would be to increase gross stocks when the fishery is strong. But is that really necessary? I think we can survive cutting the pie into seven pieces instead of six during the good seasons.

This buyback was supported by the fleet from the beginning, but support has dwindled because of the process. That is unfortunate. Now it is time to look at the big picture and make a decision. It’s your call.

Anonymous said...

Exactly right.

When it is "good", there is enough to go around to plenty. When it is bad, those that don't need it go latent. But also understand, it has been the processors that have tried to downsize the fleet through market constrictions. So it is obvious to processors that a smaller fleet is easier to control than a larger one. Think about that fact when you cast your vote.

To the guy that sees a processor behind every bush, deny that. I believe that YOU are a processor if anything. At best a "minister" of misinformation.

B T said...

Thanks for the synopsis Jim

While I believe theres more to it and that our entire future depends on a yes vote, I appreciate your thoughts here And especially the signing of the ame

Your work for SEAS over tge years is a big part of the reason we are as solid as we are today. Your hard work on behalf of the seine fleet has lad to fuller holds and fatter wallets and a stronger resource

It was good to see you the other day- how's that head healing up

See you up north Jim

Your friend


Anonymous said...

Processors downsizing fleets?

What planet does that guy live pn

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to Jim, you've been in it since '80, so you probably have everything paid off and an established business. And you weathered the storm without other income.

How would those seasons have looked competing with all those boats if you had a large loan like the new guys Do today? It probably wouldn't have been economically viable then.

Anonymous said...

Jim Thanks for speaking out for the little guy. Your insight into the fishery and your common sense approach to your lively hood by not over capitalizing should be commended and used as an example to those who think that the well will never run dry .Lean years come and lean years go. Only years of experience and the sense to listen and learn from those who have been there ,seen it and ACTUALLY lived through the hard times without the backing of another entity can understand what it means to just have the privilege of holding just ONE permit . NO ONE should be allowed to hold more than ONE permit . Thanks again

Anonymous said...

people have held more than one permit since the dawn of cfec. there are only 3 or 4 folks who own 2. but there are at least 12 wives who hold permits. and there are a half dozen sons, daughters and at least a cuople dozen crew holding permits as a 2nd permit. for bay guys its the only way to hold your first permit, by putting it in a crew's name.

but really it's really more semantics. the 2-permit law was a relic of the drew skalzi bill to enable stacking. the buyback rob and dave wrote just used the bill as a vehicle. ironically it had to have the guts (meaning the stacking provisions) stripped out to make it past Kodiak and Cook Inlet. then it became the buyback vehicle. the 2nd permit is artifact, or relic really. indeed just a couple years ago, the ufa had to go back in and add the stacking back in. quite a normal activity in the leg.

as for entities. there are more fishermen backed by entities now than at any other time since the hard times following the 80's. and that's a good thing.

in 1980, when Jim began, the fleet was 60% owned by the canneries. nearly everyone started out on a cannery boat unless they worked their way up on a longliner.

the fleet is more independent than those days by far, but the capitalization has just begun. by 2020 the wood boats will be gone. by 2040 the rest of the old boats will be sent packing. then the $20 a gallon fuel closely follows. if we don't reshape our limited entry system it will become obsolete or we'll have it reshaped for it.

our carbon credit rating will depend upon it.

Anonymous said...

Nice try

Anonymous said...

How can you be backed by an entity and be more independent at the same time? The company owned boats were the only way most of us were ever able to get into the game.Those old dumpy boats were a stepping stone to experience ,vigilance and respect as hard as that is to here. Even for me.

Anonymous said...

Some bay guys own two and fish two.

But of course, those who fish two and own two, don't actually have a Optimum Number Study?

Those with an Optimum Number Study, are not allowed to own two and fish two.

Just like here, where "convoluted accounting" is the order of the decadey.

Anonymous said...

So correct me if I am wrong,The permit holders will take a certain percentage out of their gross stock,in effect charging their crew to help pay off the loan,the number of permits is less so theoretically the permit is worth more money.Whether the gross stock will increase to cover the %3 is another debate...Question? why charge your crew,pay the tax out of your own greedy ass.Some of those crooks even charge the crew when they need new refrigeration,the list goes on and on.

Anonymous said...

It's probably going to look like the enhancement fee, the Old ASMI fee, etc. All taken off the top before you even get your check. Halibut fee is different, but that should come off the top too.

I don't know about you, but my Crew gets paid based on my check after the fees, and I don't lose sleep over it.

So yeah, the crew pays too, but their long-term upside is better too.

In an average $250 season, a 10% guy is going to pay about $250 once NMFS lowers the fee.

If your skipper is greedy, you should complain about paying for his refrigeration/net/engine first. This is cheap by comparison.

Anonymous said...

Never complain too much, that long term downslide should always be picked up by the crew, just like ever expense, take it out of the crew share, just like removing permits, take em off of the market, where we do know about you.

Is you skipper greedy?

Hard to tell, with a buyback after the most valuable harvest of S. E. Salmon, in the fisheries history?

The Magnusen Stevens Act???

Is you skipper greedy? Naw We always promote federal buybacks, after the best years ever before seen, in every fishery across America???

Special Federal Exemption???

Is your skipper greedy?

Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.
Benjamin Franklin

Anonymous said...


To those of you in the SO1A fishery and voting there has been a bit of a snag. The ballots have been sent by NMFS as certified ballots. I've been looking for mine here in Juneau for about a week.

So now with the tough chore of tracking them down while you are fishing, which is daunting in the first place, there will be a bunch of certified ballots (about 10-15% each time there is a certified mailing with seiners) that never make it to the voter.

Be sure to locate your ballot so that you can vote. Naturally I am voting in the affirmative, but even the no voters should be certain to vote. A missing vote is not a no vote. It's a nothing. Zero. Don't have any information on missing votes. If you REALLY hate the program, then be sure to vote your NO rather than just throw away your ballot or we'll always assume the overwhelming margin -of those voting, which is all that counts-that shows in the actual voting.

Finally, JT, a longtime blogger tradition from Lummi Island since 1878 or something like that..... thank you for keeping the Daniel Websters down below 10 pages this time. I will be certainly watching for that Bristol Bay buyback when you guys get your act together up there. And I'll be commenting... look for mostly Shakespeare, Marlowe, Thoreau and quotes and speeches from the Alaska C(G)odfathers-Ted Wally Frank Don Clem Gordon Thompson Bundrant the old man and other heroes of the Alaska seafood industry.



Anonymous said...

I got my ballot a week ago, better call the post office if you didn't get yours yet.

Anonymous said...

So booby, does "getting your act together" mean paying off the politicians? Because having a buyback after the best season in decades (or ever) is corruption run amok. This buyback is not about economic stabilization, it is about creating a more exclusive closed fishery. Greedy bastards facilitated by corrupt bastards. That little sip of grape juice and wafer this morning is not cutting it for you. Easier for a wealthy man to pass through the eye of the needle than to enter heaven. Sorry to spoil yer Easter buzz. It's too bad that you and your friends can't be satisfied with an honest living.


B T said...

Mr misguided anon preacher man

You are anonymous so have no basis for me to respond to. Honest living is commercially fishing salmon all your life. Can't get any more honest a living than that. Simply, there were too many permits issued in this particular fishery. You obviously know nothing of S01A if you think every year will be like last year.

Easter buzz/ Just put down the phone soastonot bust others easter buzz. Find me one wealthy man who made it on salmon seining in SE and I'll show you a man who made his SE salmon money in the 70's or before.

Although wealth is in the eye of the beholder. That's the only eye I care about. I gave up passing through the eye of a needle after I put on my marriage 75 pounds.

And I pay off politicians. But only the ones SEAS supports and whom support SEAS. And then legally of course.

If you had any bearing on the truth mr FishAnon, you'd know that this buyback has been going on since 2001. IN 2001 we got 15 cents. Then 2002-2004 we got .05-.08
Then in 2008 we bought back 9% of the fleet.

then 2009-2010-2011

And now 2012 we have the 2nd round.

What's that for planning. God planned the 2011 season, not me and certainly not you mr. preacher man.

This is a long term program, not a one year lurch, you moron..."oh geesh, guys I think we'll now just jettison the buyback because we had a good season!!"

Not how we roll pard.

This is a buyback for the next century and unless you were truly a seiner in SE you'd have no reason to understand why we need it.


as far as honest living fishing, try not only that but I worked for a decade as a 100% volunteer before I ever got a plug nickel.

B T said...

OK Got my ballot finally.



B T said... news page

I have not seen one single comment that contradicted the logic SEAS has behind the buyback neither here nor on, where guys are afraid to post because they're just not anonymous enough i guess, even though it allows anonymous posts.

There are alot of inflammatory rhetorical mumbojumbo about greed, but SEAS exhibits and always has exhibited 'enlightened Greed', where you make sure the gillnetters, trollers and even the sportsman and subsistence users get their fair share wherever and whenever possible. Why you ask?

So that when the folks who want to denigrate the watershed where all our collective fish are produced we will work together to endeavor that the right riparian stream protections and habitat considerations occur. And in turn we can all benefit from the amazing production of salmon from God's natural cycle here in the worlds greatest forest, Southeast Alaska.

If there ever was an Easter story it is here in Southeast. This place came from ashes. When I was a kid I never ever thought we'd have made such a comeback from the big years of 49, 41 and the series of seasons from 34-38, with 36 being the #2 alltime next to 41.

That was until we went to sleep between 49 and 83, with a couple of near wake ups in 66 and 68, along with some near-20's like 77 and 81

So shoot all you want pard's.
Growl all day little doggies.
But can you bite?

Your argument is something like this> SEAS, who spend all their time on S01A, don't know what's right for the fishery. I do.

Then qualify that education. That winter time boots on the ground experience with AK politics.

If you think you know better than the SEAS board then why aren't you on it.
SEAS is defining your fishery. Has always. Will Always.

Either you are on the inside with SEAS or you are on the outside.


Anonymous said...

Bobby is drunk again!!!

Anonymous said...

Come on now Bobby t, your running buddy Rob Z always takes the next step. Have you already forgot in Puget Sound how he worked to get make sure that the trollers and gill netters did NOT get their fair share so you seiners could get the lions share?

And people have brought up real issues with the buyback, such as the optimal number, some of your supporters have made statements that the claim NMFS made to them (without attribution or documents), you have been permit-stacking (something you proposed oh, around 10-15 years ago), don't sit here and claim how up and up you have been.

Anonymous said...

booby, you are your own worst enemy.

B T said...


You really don't get it

You are nothing- losers- who remain anonymous

I have folks from Iran on my website

For all I know that's where you are from

This buyback will happen


You want to anonymously display your ignorance about history- my integrity?- whatever- it means nothing to me

You are nothing
You cannot file a claim anonymously

Good luck with that

Doubt u r even a permit holder

But for you permit holders out the there

Ignore the prattle by the nameless faceless losers

'own worst enemy'. 'drunk'

Those are very insightful buyback critiques

JUST Remember to vote FOR the buyback

Before the end of the month


Anonymous said...

Once again, yer own worst enemy.

The damaging history is from your own written court testimonies.

The lack of integrity is shown in your current rantings, and legal violations.

The ONLY thing that I could appreciate in your postings is the advice to vote, even if it means casting a no vote (unless you have a plan to count hanging chads or something like that).

YOU act like someone from Iran; If you don't believe as I do...death penalty.

By the way, been fishing longer than you, didn't have to buy my permit, original issue by none other than Roy Rickey.

p.s. Don't forget to take your blood pressure meds.

B T said...

Like I said


Unsigned garbage

I take these anons and bury the cockroaches

Keep it up

I'm sinking under the weight of your heavy indictments and allegations

Cry all day little anonymous doggie


Anonymous said...

Meds, booby, don't forget the meds.

Anonymous said...

Here is what Rob Zuanich tried to do to the gillnetters back in 1996 with I-640 fight with Don Stuart (source - the Seattle Times):

They describe Stuart as a political opportunist who was involved in a scheme last year to sell out his friends in the I-640 fight.

During the campaign, a representative of purse-seine fishermen, who contributed much of Salmon for Washington's money, tried to cut a deal with those pushing the initiative.

In return for excluding them from the initiative, Rob Zuanich said purse seiners and Salmon for Washington would drop their opposition to the initiative. The initiative still would have targeted gill-netters and other fishermen.

Stuart was later quoted in a fishing journal as saying Zuanich "did the right thing."

Zuanich did the right thing for whom? The purse seiners & sports fishing interests? Certainly he was not trying to do right in terms of making sure that the gill netters got their fair share like Bobby T assures everyone.

Lies, Bobby T and Rob Z tell them and tell them hoping that no one will catch them in the act, sort of like Rob Z's convoluted accounting...

B T said...

SEAS in Puget Sound?

We operate in Alaska, amigo.

I am privileged to fish Puget Sound. Made my last set just before Thanksgiving last year. Mr. Zuanich has done an incredible job in Puget Sound to lead industry to maintain a major presence there.

Rob and now Bob Kehoe are the seiners Executive Directors in Puget Sound. I helped raise money sitting in an office with Anne Mosnes to fight the one initiative and raised a bunch to fight the next one and went door to door.

SEAS is in Alaska, dude.

We deal with USAG and ATA, not PSGA or the Washington Trollers Assn.

Wrong state anonymous buddy.

And hard to see how Rob Z is going to reach out to harm PSGA through this one.


What does this have to do with the buyback?

And finally and most importantly, for those of you who actually hold SE permits (sorry Victor that you sold yours for $50K),



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Bobby T - you live in Shoreline, Washington, in fact your house has quite a nice view of Puget Sound. Rob Z's house has quite a nice view of Puget Sound as well, Shilshole. Gina voted in Washington State in 2011.

And who is conducting the reverse auction, the same guy who conducted the first - Rob Zuanich.

Let's face Bobby, you are a Puget Sound guy, running scams with your other buddy Rob Z.

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The BOBROBJOB is typical of the integrity these men have they would sell their first born for profit no questions asked

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Just voted yesterday.....sent it back certified, return receipt. Oh and BTW voted NO!


A SE Seine Permit Holder who knows a bad buyback when he sees one!

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processor man above.
good one processor man. you must work for NPPI or AGS

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these comments that those who vote no must be processors when it is a secret (known only to themselves) select group of seiners who own shares in Silver Bay Seafoods, with the majority held by Rob Z (who is conducting the reverse auction) and Troy Denkinger AND the buyback being promoted by Bobby T, who got his stake from his processor man father.

What a joke, processor man being a person who votes no.