Wednesday, April 25, 2012

All fisheries to remain closed

Another year, another bummer announcement on Prince William Sound herring.


Anonymous said...

It does look however that the PWS Herring stocks are recovering and will recover.I think it said in the area of 23,000 metric tons was observed that is borderline for opening the fishery , which is a heck of a lot better than 1993 when I beleive it was just 1,000 metric tons.When Exxons Drunken captain cracked a fully loaded tanker into the spawning biomass in the spring of 89 the estimated biomass of PWS Herring was 100,000 tons plus.

Anonymous said...

Like Fish's Marine Bank Failure, at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game's Ponzi Bank Schemes, and buybacks, for the S.E. Alaska Purse Seine Fleet?

Ferdinand Ward, Charles Ponzi, and Bernie Madoff move it on over, all one need's is a Presbyterian Minister, like the UFA, and you too can become rich and famous, just like in the Guilded Age...Fish's Marine Bank.

Anonymous said...

Releasing 500 million hatchery pink fry on an annual basis was shown to contribute to slow growth and recovery rates for the herring fishery.