Monday, April 2, 2012

Sitka herring update

Saturday's herring opener at Sitka, the first of the season, produced an estimated catch of 4,700 tons, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game says.

That's about 16 percent of this season's giant quota of 28,829 tons.

The opener lasted just under three and a half hours.

Fishery managers called a second opening for 11:30 a.m. today, KCAW Raven Radio in Sitka reported.

As usual, the price situation is murky at best. Anybody heard anything credible?


Anonymous said...

Did they fish today?

Anonymous said...

Hot off the press is this opinion, "little fish are more valuable when left in the sea" found in a recent paper by the Lenfest Forage Fish Task Force.

As noted in their report, the forage fish harvest is a $5.6 billion dollar fishery compared to $11.3 billion for the bigger fish who prey on the smaller fish. It makes more sense to leave the smaller fish such as the herring in the sea as food for the salmon, etc.