Thursday, March 1, 2012

We're moving closer to Southeast seine buyback

This notice was published today in the Federal Register regarding the proposed buyback of Southeast Alaska salmon seine permits.

The notice lays out a schedule of public meetings to be held in Seattle, Petersburg, Ketchikan and Sitka, and lists people eligible to vote on whether to go forward with the buyback.


Anonymous said...

Will this be a simple majority vote
or ????

Bill Macnab said...

Simply that the people who have their permits for bid will vote yes,,,THEN,,, it will be a majority vote as I understand it. The no votes are already handicapped!If it passes I see a court battle in the near future.Thats my opinion I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

I Agree with Bill and I think that the question needs to be asked at the Petersburg Meeting. Why do accepted Bids get the right to vote. The permit holders who's bids were accepted should not have any voting privileges. They are not responsible for re-paying the debt. ITS INSIDER TRADING!

Anonymous said...

Bring on tin hat and Grunert in 5....4.....3.....2.....

Anonymous said...

Check the list and check it twice, folks have been tweaking about the Thorstensons and Zuanich families having permits to sell.

What about permits to vote? Michelle Zuanich, who has never fished, has two permits to vote (and her husband Rob put together the legislation and reverse auction).

Gina, Peder, and Robert Thorstenson collectively 5 permits to vote, only one guess as to how they will vote after speculating and buying up permits.

Anonymous said...

Anyone with skin in the game should be allowed to vote. It's not like there are enough bidders to win a majority anyway.

My understanding is that it's one vote per person, not per permit, so no matter how many you own you still vote once. I'm pretty sure that was in the SEAS newsletter a while ago. It says per person in the article too.

At the end of the day, it's a good long term business decision, and I will vote for it. The next round will make it even better, and I'm willing to bet that after the higher fish prices and lower interest rates are accounted for, the tax will be far less than 3% in a couple years.

Anonymous said...

Free Tin Hats, the Board, the CFEC, and best of all the State Lawyers, Tin Hat Specialists Headquarters, a short ferry ride from Petersburg Packing to Juneau!

In Grunert I, we stuck down former 5 AAC 15.359 (2002) because it was fundamentally at odds with the Limited Entry Act. We explained that a central premise of the limited entry system is that permit holders are individuals who actively fish.31 We
also explained that the Limited Entry Act was enacted to protecteconomically dependent fisher[s].32 Our main concern with the
cooperative regime created under former 5 AAC 15.359 was that it did not require active participation of all Chignik salmon purse
seine permit holders.33 The Chignik cooperative fishery schemewas incompatible with the limited entry system because it allow[ed] people who [were] not actually fishing to benefit from
the fishery resource.34 Although the lack of an active participation requirement was the flaw on which we focused the most attention
in Grunert I, we expressed concern with other aspects of the cooperative regime as well. For example, we expressed concern with the reduced number of crew members necessary under the
cooperative regime.35

"We noted that the cooperative regulation
may interfere with the ability of the Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (CFEC) to determine the optimum number of permits because the regulation destroys any relation between the number of permits issued per fishery and the ultimate number of participating vessels and units of gear. And we criticized the corporate-like nature of the cooperative regime: the cooperative regulation . . . transforms the limited entry permit from what used to be a personal gear license into a mere ownership share in a cooperative organization.37

Ownership Share?
Lack of Participation?

Social Security, from the fleet at 3%, you gotta love it, with no active participation required!

Anonymous said...

"NO exclusive right or special privi council, Go SEAS GO!

Anonymous said...

The best year since 1878?

HELLO MR. THOMAS. And the best of it was that over 20 million pounds of pink salmon were harvested by his current constituents of Klawock, Craig, Hydaburg, Kake, Metlakatla, and Hoonah. Over 50 million pounds were harvested by his new constituents, which include some of the old ones plus Sitka.

Congratulations Bill Thomas. If you indeed win the privilege to represent us seiners in Sitka, you are now the proud papa of a pretty massive group of pink salmon harvesters and processors.

There are a lot of other complex races that were created by the Republican controlled redistricting that we won't go into here but let's just say it will be a huge year to pay attention to the major changes that will be taking place amongst the state's political power brokers....


mike svenson said...

after reading the names i see past and present names of seas and psvoa board members. there was a time when honorable men were leading seas. men like Ole Haynes, Joe Demmert, Fred Dobzinsky,John Kristovich, and newer ones like Roger Ingman Davis Barret, Gary Haynes and of course the tireless John Peckham. thses guys were always whats best for the membership not for themselves. the old timers have to be rolling in their graves especially when its even one of their own relations. when i was on the board it was always one for all and all for one , i think thats how you say that.if these guys will fleece the membership this way what must they be like in their business dealings. its not illegal but sure is unethical. i would like to know who was the first board member to think of how to get the members to pay for their windfall. mike svenson sitka

Anonymous said...

Right on mike svenson!

Anonymous said...

Right on Mike Svenson. We need new leadership more than a buy back.

Anonymous said...

This headline should read :

We're moving closer to Southeast seine indictments

Plenty of violations and conspiracy to go around. The evidence is just lying around waiting for the ombudsman to put it together.

If Arne could wait to serve his sentence, he could have some of his buddies in there to play cribbage with.