Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lori Swanson, trawl fleet rep, tabbed for council

Lori Swanson, executive director of Groundfish Forum, is Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire's top choice for a seat on the North Pacific Fishery Management Council.

Gregoire's alternate nominees are Craig Cross and former council member John Bundy.

Assuming the U.S. commerce secretary accepts the governor's preferred pick, Swanson will take over the seat now held by Dave Benson, who terms out in August.

The Anchorage-based council has 11 voting members from Alaska, Washington and Oregon. It helps regulate federal fisheries off Alaska. Members serve three-year terms.

Swanson has served on the council's Advisory Panel since 2006. Her employer, Groundfish Forum, is a Seattle-based trade association of flatfish trawlers.

Here is Gregoire's nomination letter.


Anonymous said...

In the recommendation letter it says that swanson is confirmed NOT to be a lobbyist. She just works for groundfish forum. That's a joke, right? But hey, at least her fleet has 100% observer coverage.

Anonymous said...

Previous poster doesn't get the legal distinction of what constitutes a lobbyist. This is just a Magnuson Act compliance issue. Obviously she represents a constituency, she just does not do so as what is technically (legally) called a "lobbyist".

Anonymous said...

On the advisory panel, Lori has shown herself to be a good listener and capable of keeping a meeting agenda on track. Whatever anyone thinks of the group she works for, as an individual she is a strong and capable candidate. I believe that even if she disagrees with me (often likely), she will pay attention to what I have to say and treat my issues fairly. I look forward to working with her on the Council.

(Signing anonymously only because I am speaking in candor and don't want anyone to think I'm kissing a$$ to the next Council member.)

Anonymous said...

Great choice. Thoughtful and always prepared.

Anonymous said...

Always love to see illegal sexual/minority discrimination openly admitted to by a falsely "elected" governor. What a disgrace. Scoop Jackson and Warren Magnuson are rolling in their graves.

Up is down.