Sunday, December 11, 2011

Council bumps up Gulf of Alaska pollock quota

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council has set the 2012 total allowable catch (TAC) for Gulf of Alaska groundfish.

Here are the TACs for key species and the percent change from 2011.

Pollock, 116,444 tons, up 21 percent
Pacific cod, 65,700 tons, up 0.9 percent
Pacific Ocean perch, 16,918 tons, down 0.5 percent
Sablefish, 12,960 tons, up 14.8 percent

The TACs are subject to U.S. commerce secretary approval.


Anonymous said...

Off topic, but none the less interesting.

Now why hasn't Fuglvog's boat been seized? They should prosecute them both based on the RICO laws.

Another reason not to support the crooks at UFA.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of fish pirates, whats up with Pacific fishing bashing the tholepin blog? Every word published on that site is verifiable and true. You guys are a bunch of low rent shills.

Anonymous said...

A good question, but I think he put
in his ex's name. That brings up
the question, he gave his IFQ'S TO
Cindy but she has to pay him the
difference in value. Why are they not taking his annual payments from Cindy
to him. They're the same IFQ'S he
fished illegal all those years.
Another question is who fished
Arne's quota in 2007 ??

Anonymous said...

How much do you think he needs to be punished? His ex-wife owns the boat. He's on his way to prison. Felony conviction, all that. His career is over, pretty much. I'm sure all the legal stuff has cost him a fortune. His life will never be the same. What do you guys want?

There's a bunch of vindictive mo***erf**kers on this blog. You guys are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

You think we're pathetic,you
should see what Fuglvog did to
Alaska's fisheries.

Anonymous said...

OK, maybe you should post a list of all the evils he "did"....what I see is he misreported where he caught halibut and black cod. He should have run the boat to western Gulf and 3B, instead he cheated. He was probably trying to save time, he was lazy, whatever. He got caught. In the fish world what he did was a big deal, and he's received a pretty stiff penalty for it, and not just the legal penalty. Appropriately so. But he didn't kill anyone, he didn't rape some mother's daughter, he didn't steal from anyone's house. I don't get the venom directed his way really.

Hell, 4 million pounds (at least) of halibut got dumped over last year by draggers, plus tens of thousands of salmon. Perfectly legal, nobody even got a $50 ticket over that. But some guys get a lot more worked up about Fuglvog, for some reason. Its curious.

Anonymous said...

He personally is responsible
for the loss of thousands of jobs,
not just in Alaska but nation wide
with his catch share, Rationalization
and privatization. He was one of the
main players in Catchshares on the East
Coast Telling them how great they are,
never once thinking about the thousands of jobs lost and lives ruined by his
pursuit of impressing everyone with
his fishery knowledge of QUOTA SHARES
Never stole from anyone 's house??
He stole from thousands of them

Anonymous said...

"His" catch share, rationalization, and privatization plans? "Personally responsible", to use your words-that is quite a stretch, to put it mildly. Main players in IFQ implementation on the east coast? Hardly. That would be the east coast Council, which Fuglvog never sat on, to my knowledge, along with the US government. But, whatever, dude.

He sat on the North Council for 3-4 years, and he was fish aide to Murkowski for about four years. That was all he was--not some diabolical superman, or some malevolent Svengali with the ability to bend whole fisheries and peoples to his evil will.

He violated the Lacey Act with his misreporting violations, and he got punish pretty severely for it. The over-the-top hyperbole flying around about Fulgvog is out of context compared to some of the other things going on in the NP.

Anonymous said...

Quote from Arne Fuglvog in an interview
for the Gloucester times June 3,2009

Fuglvog, in contrast, sees himself as having as an asset "extensive experience" with various forms of catch shares in the Alaskan fisheries, the "most of them in the nation," he noted.

"I've helped design them, the good the bad and the ugly," he said.

Anonymous said...

Same story June 3,Just one fishery

What viewers don't know is that the competition there was pared from 250 to 120 boats, which put more than 500 non-equity owning deckhands out of work, and also ended the wild race to fish that took place before rights were apportioned and the competitive principle was open access. The landmark "crab rationalization vote" of the Northern Pacific Fishery Management Council that included Fuglvog

Anonymous said...

The Gloucester piece was written when Fuglvog was a candidate for the nmfs job. I don't see how that makes him a "major player" in east coast rationalization, who further was personally responsible for thousands of jobs lost, as claimed in the post above.

Fuglvog did cast a vote for crab ratz when he was on the council. As I recall, it passed 11-0. Its fair to say he was a cheerleader and proponent of IFQ's. But, since the 6 Alaska members of the Council pretty much do what the Alaska Governor tells them to do on these types of major policy issues, then it would be more correct to blame the Governor for the jobs lost.

But, some guys have a lot more fun burning Fuglvog at the proverbial stake.

Anonymous said...

His knowledge and pursuit of
Catch shares was what he brought to
the table for the Director of NMFS
job. That's how he got the PEW
and EDF to back him. The same with
Lubchenco, giving him the job to
make the transition to Catch shares.
That's been his claim to fame for

Anonymous said...

yeah, except he didn't get the nmfs job. Nobody's shown me how he personally cost thousands of fishermen their jobs nationwide. A comment in a news article doesn't cut it. That guys make that leap of logic says something though.

Fuglvog is a pariah now so its academic, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

If you don't believe that IFQ'S and
catch shares and rationalization has
cost many thousands of jobs than
you must be in denial.If you don't
believe that Arne has played a major
role in selling NOAA and environmental
groups as well as the other NMFS
Fisheries council's nation wide
the whole concept of IFQ's
than you need to catch up on your
reading.Try starting with this.

National Panel on the Community Dimensions
of Fisheries Catch Share Programs
MARCH 15, 2011

Arne was one of the "experts" on
this"National Panel"

Yes we know he didn't get the job.
Do you believe that Lubchenco didn't
know his politics and fisheries
policy idea's before she would
think about hiring him?