Thursday, December 15, 2011


Plenty of fisheries enforcement news today on our companion blog, The Brig.


Anonymous said...

Sink the pirate vessel and strip these thieves of their quota. Only an Iron fist can reign in these criminals.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for BobbyT to comment

Anonymous said...

But these fish don't respect our silly boundaries! Really, who cares so long as you have some kind of IFQ to cover the landing?

Great idea. I'm buying up a huge pile of BS/AI black cod and catching them off Middleton Island.

Foot ball head said...

Arne. Fuglvog, CROOK plain and simple...

He helped make the rules he BROKE.

There's NOTHING worse than that!!!!!

Anonymous said... betrayed those of us that believed in you. You carried yourself as a man of morals and yet you were just playing us. Do the crime pay with your time. Hope they take all your quota and send ya on your way. Shame on you, and shame on us for believing you were different.

Anonymous said...


I thought this article was about violations that occurred while Arne was in DC and NOT on the boat.

Pirate ship my ass.
Ed Fuglvog built this boat. Do you know why it's called the Ka-mil-ar?

Karen(daughter), Mildred(wife), Arne(son).

Arne made a mistake.

Obviously his crew did too.

While he was off the boat.

That's what this story is about, first graders.


Anonymous said...

mistake you say? riiight.

Anonymous said...

Here's some of Hankin's history.

SEPT of 06 lacey Act violation pending

April of 07 3 lacey act violations
May of 07 not charged

June of 07 busted entering Petersburg
harbor w/illegal fish and
lying to officials
11,000 fine

June of 09 busted, crew w/ no license

July of 09 Questioned and lied to
officials about non matching
fishing logs,computer info

Anonymous said...

Your right Bob,we should stay on
track and concentrate on violations
that took place while Arne was in Washington D.C.and not on the boat !!!

Who fished Arne's IFQ's in 2007

We'll all shut up so you can explain
it to us.

Anonymous said...

Who is this bobby t clown?

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows boobyt, he's our favorite member of the Brig Blog, and an expert in grand Congressional Theft looking for another handout, always Our Queen of the S.E. Alaska Seiners Ass.

He's in love with, well for the love of money, where America's Pilgrins can pay for his kids shoes and diapers too.

Just get on down to that Petersburg Brig, the Alaska Fisheries Corruption Headquarters, 410 Calhoune Avenue Juneau too, so everyone can get real close to another dirty little politician on his way to the Brig.

Last Bridge to Nowhere
Chapter 8,
"Trolling for Winter Kings"
Frank B. Prewitt, former State Brig Director ISBN 971-1-59433-086-5

"By 2008 the local press, bloggers and anyone else paying attention knew the younger Stevens case was serious and could take the government a long time to process. This was confirmed by a statutus report filed Janurary 31, 2008....

Suite 604 Baranof Hotel
Juneau Alaska
May 7, 2006
Indictment Transcripts

"I had to cheat steal beg borrow and lie...."

bobbyt's dream machine, on display in todays Congressional Record, where "cheat steal beg borrow and lie." IS SEAS!

Anonymous said...

But as a matter of Navagation, one needs to read, Chapter 4...

"The Corrupt Bastards Club."

"Hey, how many of them hats you want CBC on the back of?"
"Excuse me?"
"CBC. How many hats."
The light dawned on Smith, who laughed and replied,
"The Corrupt Bastards Club! Oh I don't know, fifteen or twenty of 'em."
"Yea, thats what I we gotta figure out who the club is..."

Anonymous said...

Further violations perhaps----the affidavit in support of complaint by NOAA special agent Heck states that the Kamilar is registered as a 57 footer--Since the Arne has a long history of lying and cheating this would be a way to avoid onboard observer. We all know that boat is way over the 58 foot limit. Longer even than football heads boat.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the NMFS guy got it wrong on the affidavit.

Maybe you ought to check around about on-board observer requirements in the halibut and black cod fleet, before you post something that just makes you look stupid.

Jesus, there's some dumb-ass, uninformed bs flying around this blog.

Anonymous said...

I thought smoking a lot of dope made one mellow and passive. Football head must be ingesting other products as well as maryjane as he sure has been getting angry and aggressive lately.

Anonymous said...

It would be surprising if it
wasn't wrong. The Kamilar
is a 64 footer and so was the
Chandalar, Hankin's dad's boat
that got HIS Families IFQ's.
They were the same hull,so only
logical they're the same class

Anonymous said...

peeeyewww, something stinks!

Anonymous said...

"This chowder is suitable for a large fishing party."
Senator Daniel Webster...from
"The New England Family Cookbook"

Anonymous said...

The Football Head Think Tank & Lobbyist is probably busy getting ready for Christmas & for a trip up north to Juneau at the beginning of year to beg, borrow & steal money from the State of Alaska, but the Anchorage Daily News & Alaska Dispatch find UFA, SE Seiners, and their new politician in their back pocket (now that Stevens is dead & gone) - Lisa, very interesting:

Anonymous said...

Daddy sang Frank,
Mama gang Trevor,
Me and little Ben
just joined right in there...

18 U.S.C. § 1657. Corruption of seamen and confederating with pirates
Whoever attempts to corrupt any commander, master, officer, or mariner to yield up or to run away with any vessel, or any goods, wares, or merchandise, or to turn pirate or to go over to or confederate with pirates, or in any wise to trade with any pirate, knowing him to be such; or
Whoever furnishes such pirate with any ammunition, stores, or provisions of any kind; or
Whoever fits out any vessel knowingly and, with a design to trade with, supply, or correspond with any pirate or robber upon the seas; or
Whoever consults, combines, confederates, or corresponds with any pirate or robber upon the seas, knowing him to be guilty of any piracy or robbery; or
Whoever, being a seaman, confines the master of any vessel--
Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

Anonymous said...

He also said, "the fish don't give a damn where the line is," according to Heck's affidavit.

"And now, suddenly, she's out there worrying about fish pirates."


Sec. 1661. Robbery ashore
Whoever, being engaged in any piratical cruise or enterprise, or being of the crew of any piratical vessel, lands from such vessel and commits robbery on shore, is a pirate, and shall be imprisoned for life.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Bobbyt.
For your new year resolution you should try learning the difference between right and wrong.

Maybe you could have some friends then.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that the vessel has a USCG length of 57 feet but the LOA is well over 60.

Anonymous said...

Best bobbyt thread since the SE seine buyback shenanigans were exposed. Bet the midnight oil (and some other combustibles) are burnin on Calhoun.

Anonymous said...

Wow! There are a lot of really smart people commenting here.

By the way, that's sarcasm (for you really smart people).

Anonymous said...

gotta love it. The post at 7:21 am is talking to himself, again

Anonymous said...

"It has always been my private conviction that any man who pits his intelligence against a fish and loses has it coming."
John Steinbeck

Anonymous said...

Arne and Cindy Fuglovog, as well as Fred Hankins should lose ALL of their IFQ privileges. They are all in bed together on this!!

Anonymous said...

For the record, the Kamilar is 66' LOA. And for the record, the Kamilar fished illegally for years and years. Arne and Cindy Fuglvog conspired for years to cheat to improve their bottom line, including cheating there relatives and crew. For the record IFQ's screwed crew members, out of there right to access the longline fishery, that they risked there lives for. And for the record Fred Hankins fished illegally with Arne, operated the boat illegally, and walked away with more than his share, after his falling out with the Fuglvogs. Fred and Arne conspired to cheat the system, until they started cheating each other. All the quota in question should be confiscated. IFQ's are only a privilege, to access the fishery. They have abused there privilege.

Anonymous said...

I agree, but then what do you expect from people who aren't smart enough to tie their own shoes? There's so much b.s. info. flying on here! Too bad the morons and their head idiot don't do any fact checking before spouting off. But then the dumbasses who call themselves "news reporters" don't either.

Anonymous said...

For the record, the only crew who got screwed by the IFQs were the ones too foolish to buy their own. You guys had an opportunity to buy in before the quota became extremely expensive. But as usual, you guys squander your money, don't invest, take NONE of the risk then cry about it? Boo hoo. By the way, were you there when all of your allegations of illegal fishing took place? If so, they should have locked your ass up too! You sound like one of Arne's disgruntled crew who claim he fished illegally for years, but didn't say a word until he was BUYING the quota and had to take a bigger boat share. Then when you weren't making your hundred grand in 6 weeks, you all cried foul? Like I said, if you guys were knowingly involved for years, what should your punishments be? Maybe the gov. should confiscate all of your assets!

Anonymous said...

How does a crewmember take NO risk? Seems like a crewmember is taking all the risk.Your boat has an accident you are insured and you have your quota to back any loan that you pursue. Crew that bought quota in the begining woild have only a fraction of it now just like owners.