Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The season for lucrative council business

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council begins a seven-day meeting tomorrow at the Hilton hotel in downtown Anchorage.

The Christmas meeting is always a big one for the council, the time when catch limits are set for the coming year.

Looking over the packed agenda, three items stand out:

Halibut — The council will receive a report from the National Marine Fisheries Service that explains how the embattled halibut catch sharing plan might be saved — or simply killed.

Crab — The council has blocked out a full day to talk about lingering issues with "crab rationalization," including the theory — will Deckboss get in trouble for using that word? — that crewmen have taken a pay cut under the new management regime.

Groundfish — As already mentioned, the council will set the "total allowable catch" for important species in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska. I'd be surprised to see much excitement here. Government scientists seem to have blessed a Bering Sea pollock TAC well in excess of 1 million metric tons, similar to what the industry enjoyed this past season. Another important Bering Sea target, cod, could see a decent increase.

Council actions are subject to U.S. commerce secretary approval.


Anonymous said...

I think they need to get rid of all AP members that have been there to long!!! All they are trying to do is push someone else's agenda through.

I also think that they should LISTEN to people's public testimony with an OPEN mind. It's like they already have their narrow little minds made up before testimony even begins.

We actually live out in the communities that are affected by their recommendations to the NPFMC. We know what will and what won't work!!!

Anonymous said...

All NPFMC members with conflicts of
interest need to be removed,especially
those that are lobbyists or are married
to one.

Anonymous said...

Investigate and then Indictment!