Thursday, December 22, 2011

One Bristol Bay processor swallows another

At long last, we have official confirmation of a rumor that's been knocking around for months.

North Pacific Seafoods, a subsidiary of Japanese conglomerate Marubeni, is buying Yardarm Knot's Red Salmon cannery at Bristol Bay.

Here's the press release.


Anonymous said...

Buy Low, Sell High!

We export wheat, barley, rice, corn, sorghum, soybeans, canola, beef, pork, sugar, and other foodstuffs from the American continent, while also importing sugar to the U.S. from Central and South America.

President's Message

In recent years, Marubeni America Corporation, like our parent, Marubeni Corporation, has maintained its strong earning capability and financial stability. With sustained contributions from our traditional trading businesses and substantial contributions from our subsidiaries, we have had a string of strongly performing years.

During the spring of 2010, Marubeni Corporation embarked on "SG-12", our mid-term management plan. I am very pleased to report that the results of fiscal year 2010, the first year of the "SG-12", were very good. As we look forward to the remaining two years of the plan, we continue to expect many business chances to come from the Americas, which straddles the US market, the largest in the world, with a growing population, and the remarkably expanding South American market. To achieve the goals of the "SG-12", we will aggressively invest management resources in this growth market and strengthen our efforts to find new business opportunities which add value to Marubeni globally.

As we face the challenges of 2011 and beyond, we look forward to ongoing contributions from our existing subsidiaries and the expansion of our business and future earnings by a combination of organic growth and acquisition where appropriate. They have raised the bar and challenged themselves to be innovative and proactive - advocating new ideas and always thinking one step ahead. At the same time, we will focus on advancing our ability to keep an ever-watchful eye on proper risk management, financial planning, internal control, compliance and corporate social responsibility.

Now, as always, we are committed to providing the highest level of value-added services, solution and quality to our customers, clients and business partners - to go beyond your expectations...

We look forward to working with you.

Fumiya Kokubu
President and Chief Executive Officer

Anonymous said...

When the all-clear sounded 17 minutes later, leading stocks had lost 2 to 10 points, the market was at a new four-year low.,9263,7601411222,00.html

Anonymous said...

Tora - Tora - Tora

Anonymous said...

So at what point do the officials of the state of Alaska recognize that foreign processors are "in" the Bay and holding down the prices through quiet agreements, thereby stealing lost tax revenues that should be benefitting the people of the state?

We need to allow floating processors in to have an open market to drive the prices to the correct competetive level.

Capitalism, free trade, you know, what we are supposed to be doing here in the land of the free and the brave.

Time to get brave governor.

Anonymous said...

You might need to elect someone 1st, who's not a foreign official, starting withh with the Governor, and Petersburg Queen at ADF&G.

Anonymous said...

Exporting pork bellies, where competition is always held in the sugar shack?

Anonymous said...

All of the previous comments, were penned by one individual. What I do not get is this: You have choices in the Bay, in who you sell your catch to. If you do not like any of the choices, then sell your own harvest. Do not bell ache about once corporation buying another! Become a direct marketer, get off your Widbey Island butt, and do something in the winter, besides trading stocks and whinning on this blog1

Anonymous said...

Unless I moved, and split my body in half, definitely more than just one guy. Not W(h)idbey island. And are you saying less competition creates an open free market? Remember the 80's and competition?

The point is that foreign processors ARE in the Bay, and the State is protecting them from FLOATING foreign processors through campaign contributions, spun into the guise of keeping foreign buyers out of the market.

Which part of THAT don't you understand?

Football head said...

All of this is a long,slow drawn out strangulation of commercial fishermen. The end result is going to be processors owning all the boats and fishing rights. The poor little fisherman will have to lease from the processors for I'm sure outrageous rates and in the end "owe his soul to the company store". We as fishermen need to quit the rationalization program everywhere. Let's just get back to fishing and quit looking to the government to give us everything. Whatever happened to earning your keep??? Look at the Bering sea pollock fleet, they are just about if not all owned by seafood processors. How long did that take? Not to long. Keep going down this road and Alaska just as well legalize fish traps again after all they are way more efficient than a fisherman trying to catch them.

Anonymous said...

Joseph Whidbey would be proud to have a sailboat limit too, that way he could self market himself, after installing that freezer, under, or over, his RSW syatem on that 32 footer.
He could find a wide bodied 32 footer, to match the BBRSDA Board of Poek Bellies, wjho like it fat, and a disaster in any form of marine design seen in the world...

Yes, and hire that imbecile for Director, who also couldent find a job anywhere unless it inviolved total Pork!

Where the hell is Mutiney Bay?

WE could be like SnoPac, and Baby Blakeys SnoJob, shown best in the most recent testimony at a BOF meeting upholding the 32 braincells, to uphold the 32 foot limit, for self marketing???

One Individual, with Liberty and Justice for All, what a concept!

Pork Bellies, and the 1% tax for quality in mindless marketing.

Day Trading in Pork, or Gold, or Coal...self marketing, what a concept for a pork belly board.

Can we get another study on the term "conflict of interest" with the BBRSDA, funding the BBEDC, and another free Eskimo to Teach Birdseye, abouyt frozen meat too?

Another Preliminary Report of the U.S. Fish Commission Steamer "Albatross" (1891) is way past due for the imbeciles in this fishery.

There ain't 32 brain cells from this committee and another self marketing theory, and those illegal political funds spending taxdollars, with a required Pebble on your mind?

If a fisherman owns stock in a Mining Corporation, one that turns a profit, and a Political Action Corporation, who attacks a Mining Corporation of the same fisher, how many pork bellies will Barney have to sell to pay the damages for illegal action using tax dollars clearly defined as such in 50 States of the Union?

One should truly study the Bay, before one comments with his 32 braincells!

"The coal mine in Herendeen Bay lies 1.25 miles from the landing at Mine Harbor...The opening of this mine is an event of no little importance to vessels visiting the Bering Sea, and, the Albatross having used between 200 and 300 tons of its first output the following report of Passed Assistant Engineer C.R. Roelker, U.S. Navy, chief engineer of the vessel....

To allow opposition by speech seems to indicate that you think the speech impotent, as when a man says that he has squared the circle, or that you do not care whole-heartedly for the result, or that you doubt either your power or your premises. But when men have realized that time has upset many fighting faiths, they may come to believe even more than they believe the very foundations of their own conduct that the ultimate good desired is better reached by free trade in ideas —that the best test of truth is the power of the thought to get itself accepted in the competition of the market, and that truth is the only ground upon which their wishes safely can be carried out. That at any rate is the theory of our Constitution.

Proven by 32 braincells.

Anonymous said...

Do not bell ache about one corporation buying another!
Everyone's swallowing up another

two Bristol Bay drift gillnet CFEC permit holders may concurrently fish from the same vessel and jointly operate up to 300 fathoms of drift gillnet gear under this section.

Anonymous said...

^^^wrong^^^. 200 fathoms, big difference.

Anonymous said...

Really, >Been Fishin Long<?

How does that top Yak Boat do it?

and the Alaska Supreme Court doesn't define law North of the Aleution Chain either?

Anyone with a brain is fishing 300 fathoms, or was illegal allocation still a difficult subject matter.

As shown best in that set net lengths of stacked gear, 50 fathoms for each permit, like all other States of the Union, using permit stacking.

"We also hold that the emergency regulation employed
means outside the boards authorized powers to allocate fishery resources within a single fishery...For these reasons, we conclude that the Chignik purse
seine salmon fishery was a single fishery, and that the board did
not alter that fact by making detail changes to the type of
equipment used by the cooperative fishers. Both cooperative and
open fishers captured the same species of salmon common to the
fishery with purse seine gear. The board cannot divide what has
historically been a single fishery by simply tinkering with
ancillary apparatus and seine dimensions. The emergency
regulation therefore authorized the board to allocate fishery
resources within a single fishery, in violation of the authorizing statute, AS 16.05.251(e).Alaska Statute 16.05.251(e) authorizes the board to
allocate fishery resources among personal use, sport, guided
sport, and commercial fisheries. We explained in Grunert I that
among means between, not within, the fisheries.
We note that the boards allocation of the harvestable
salmon between the cooperative and the open fishers was
potentially arbitrary and capricious. Allowing some, but not
all, Chignik salmon purse seine permit holders to operate
different types and amounts of fishing equipment potentially
raises questions of efficiency, arbitrary decision making, and
equal protection....

That equal protection clause from 1868 always confuses quite a few imbeciles...of course those government agents in violation of the Crimial Law, could only confuse em in Junueau too.

Anonymous said...

Any Old State Trooper could tell you...about the State Board of Fisheries Criminal Law Violations, just go ask Vince Webster...

Imbecile of the Year!

Anonymous said...

Of course after missing the school bus for so long, 9-0, The Chief Deckboss Earl Warren, in Brown v Board of Education 1954, just a few short years before that criminal element took over Juneau...

Can we gat another 1% tax for the School Bus?

"The plaintiffs contend that segregated public schools are not "equal" and cannot be made "equal," and that hence they are deprived of the equal protection of the laws. Because of the obvious importance of the question presented, the Court took jurisdiction. Argument was heard in the 1952 Term, and reargument was heard this Term on certain questions propounded by the Court. [n3][p489]

Reargument was largely devoted to the circumstances surrounding the adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment in 1868. It covered exhaustively consideration of the Amendment in Congress, ratification by the states, then-existing practices in racial segregation, and the views of proponents and opponents of the Amendment. This discussion and our own investigation convince us that, although these sources cast some light, it is not enough to resolve the problem with which we are faced. At best, they are inconclusive. The most avid proponents of the post-War Amendments undoubtedly intended them to remove all legal distinctions among "all persons born or naturalized in the United States." Their opponents, just as certainly, were antagonistic to both the letter and the spirit of the Amendments and wished them to have the most limited effect. What others in Congress and the state legislatures had in mind cannot be determined with any degree of certainty.

Anonymous said...

Allllrighty then.

Anonymous said...

Section 1.1 - Inherent Rights, 1959? (D)uh!

Did you attend Dillingham High, where 1+1=1.3

This constitution is dedicated to the principles that all persons have a natural right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and the enjoyment of the rewards of their own industry; that all persons are equal and entitled to equal rights, opportunities, and protection under the law; and that all persons have corresponding obligations to the people and to the State?

1868? Another Confusing One?
Section 1.
nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws?

the "corresponding obligation" is 1+1=2 (D) a simple 300 fathom math class question, that any 3rd grader should be able to answer, unless one attended Dillingham High.

When you get checked for that legal 300 fathoms, CLEARLY DEFINED, by the Alaska Supreme Court, against the illegal 200 fathom version, and mention 18 USC 241, that little blue skiff, with twin outboards will smoke hole it back to the donut hole on their big blue mothership, it works the same in every State.

Anonymous said...

you Bristol Bay fisherman WHINE way to much. shut up and fish.

Anonymous said...

Ah... a sideline comment. Much easier reading. Inaccurate, but, a chance to breath.

Referencing our constitution and amendments and how they are being flagrantly violated is hardly whining.

However, a shut up and fish comment is... oh so deep.

Yes-suh-boss-suh. Toby be good boy. Toby work hard.

Anonymous said...

the guy who seems to be arguing with himself needs to get some fresh air. YAK was a well run company with a good sized fleet and thus is valuable. Small domestic companies don't have 47 million dollars lying around. If you don't like north pacific then fish for someone else or better yet market your own fish. Now here comes a 500 word incoherent response...

Anonymous said...

"Seems" to be is correct. I am not arguing with myself, at least not at the moment. You assume incorrectly, but then again we all know what you do when you assume.

However, I will assume that you believe that as long as some corporate body has at least 47 million dollars laying around, they can do whatever they please. Eventually allowing oligopolies to control our country again as back in the days of the robber barons of the industrialization period.

You see, I am not quoting specific legal precedence, merely pointing out how your ignorance, nay intentions, to repeat history is immoral if not illegal.

I especially get a kick out of your reference to the fleet being valuable, because we all know that the fish aren't valuable... right?

You, are someone who argues with himself (or herself), and loses.

Anything incoherent about that?

And, yes, that other guys postings do get rather long sometimes, but if you have the time to follow links, and have the history both in the industry and the legal fields, you would probably understand the postings to be intricately correct. I don't always have the time or knowledge, but don't criticize because of that.

"Shut up and fish" is ignorant. You can do better than that.

Anonymous said...

"Shut up and Fish" using the
1% reading comprehension tax?

Facts over Fiction, the self marketing clause, another Santa Clause Alaska Pipe Dream.

Can Any Person, actually take 1st gradwe reading comprehension class over again?

Self Marketing, quite a concept, and of course illegal, if one ever attended a 1st Grade reading comprehension Class.

"In the Bristol Bay management area, a fishing vessel registered to fish in Bristol Bay may not transport salmon outside the boundaries of the fishing district in which the fish were harvested. A fishing vessel registered in Bristol Bay may transport fish for permit holders to a processing plant or buyer within the fishing district in which the fish were harvested. A vessel not registered to fish in Bristol Bay that does not have fishing gear on board, may transport to other fishing districts. Contact ADF&G in Dillingham (907-842-5227) before operating as a fish transporter in Bristol Bay to get the latest updates on these restrictions."

"Three Generations of Imbeciles are Enough."

Six words always confuse em!

Anonymous said...

What does "within" actually mean?

Go ask Boobyt what this word means, just as confused as that Alaska Department of Law, the Alaska Board of Fisheries, and the Governor too."

"We explained in Grunert I that among means between, not "within" the fisheries."

Grunert II, where 2nd grade was more confusing than 1st!

Self Marketing "within" your district, quite the concept from "within" ADF&G?

Anonymous said...

Dammit! You again! When will you ever quit with all these technicalities?

Anonymous said...

Sure hope that I read about this in AIFMA's next newsletter. I need to know how all those independent fishermen are marketing better for us as we see buyer consolidation.

Looks like the big shot table at the annual processors fall golf classic just got a little smaller. Is that still being held at Suncadia or does it move around?

Anonymous said...

Great, a whole thread of posts from the resident douche nozzle. On Christmas day too, of all things. How about a New Year resolution from you to write something that's actually comprehensible to others?

Anonymous said...

Actually you wrote on Christmas and included a foul mouth idea.

Anonymous said...

Who wants to dick around in brown water and too many boats anyway. Oh wait. That's why I fish somewhere else. Wonder why PWS and M permits are more expensive. Hhmmm.

Anonymous said...

And since when did fishermen give a fuck about language and foul ideas, Jesus h.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a load of crap.....Mr. you are mighty bored and on edge of crazy. Do you live on Lummi Island??? Start a business , grow it to large profitability an sell to highest bidder your self. I'm pretty sure you won't have time to look up all this theoretical malarky. Quite whining certainly has some merit.

Anonymous said...

When we visited Tokyo in October 2003 selling pink salmon with Murkwoski, Mr. Austerman and myself found the major Japanese corporations fleeing Alaska like rats from a ship.
A big part of the reason was likely the phony Bay lawsuit which almost doomed the entire Alaska salmon industry. What a scam.

Let me recall. Was there a single juror who had a doubt of the 2003 BBay Lawsuit Scam?

Now they are fully engaged and investing again. Even though they missed out on the biggest and most sustainable pink salmon swing in modern history.

I got .90 for summer chums, 1.10 for fall and up to 1.40 for puget sound fall chums.

Pinks are over .50 with the top buyers and heading for .60

Refrigerated. Good quality fish.

Why can't we figure out a way to double the bristol bay sockeye price?

Certainly it's not the Taufen's AFT or ATF or ATP or whatever you call it, or else how do they do it for just you sockeye guys and then give all the money to us pink and chum guys.

Maybe the processors like us more.

But I doubt it.

When I got lost in Tskijji (spelling incorrect) market, I was looking for unbruised Bay sockeye.

That was 2003. Couldn't find any.

Wonder why you guys get shit prices?

Shit quality, that's why.

Fix Bristol Bay so that the entire industry can get the most money out of it.

Kudos to NPPI for reinvesting in Alaska.

Hell, I've sold to Russians before. A quarter of our T-bonds and T-bills are owned by China.

What's wrong with Japanese processors. Weren't they a tight US trading partner long before we ever traded with China or Russia?

The funny thing about the guys complaining about Japanese processors is that they were begging for Russians and Koreans to come in just a couple years ago and these same whiners complain about Trident and Icicle and Ocean Beauty and all the US processors.

Heck, OBSI is 50% owned by BBEDC. How more Alaskan a company can you have than that, save for SBS.

Anyways. Keep it going JT> While uncertain about your motives here, I'm getting my legal continuing education from you. Don't think Willamette would approve but what the heck. Lisa M. went there too. Didn't dig up that connection, did ya. As well as Senator McGuire.

I hope you Bay guys get it together. The RSDA is a great thing. Use it wisely.

Welcome home to the Japanese. Glad to have you guys buying Alaska now instead of selling.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good Christmas bobby. I can tell because your last post made the most sense and least offense that I've read in a long time.

One (or maybe 3)question(s): When you were in Japan on that trip, what was the Bristol Bay sockeye selling for at the consumer level, and how did that compare to other sockeye sales prices, and other wild Alaskan salmon prices in the same consumer markets?

By the way, I was not involved with the price fixing suit, nor would I ever condone suing anyone that you would wish to conduct a mutually beneficial business with. Usually they want to have NOTHING to do with you afterwards. The fact still remains that price fixing has occured throughout the history of the Alaskan salmon industry. Problem is that it is on both "sides" of the fence.Processors want to fix it low to maximize profits, and fishermen want price matchings in order to feel as though they are not being taken advantage of by those same processors.

Once again, what were those selling prices in Japan? Oh, and did you calculate the market value of the roe also? Thanks.

Anonymous said...



I have no recollection

All I know is the steak the CEO of Nippon Suissan bought me was about the size of a quarter pounder and I got to sit in the Prime Ministers usual seat at their usual table

And Murkowski

Never seen a Governor push pink salmon so hard

I was almost embarrassed at the shit he was giving these guys for not buying salmon- they'd just recently pulled out of the bay-it may have been a few years

Here they have a half billion of business in crab pollock etc in our state and all Frank could do is run them down on being light players in salmon

I miss Big Frank as Gov and Senator


Anonymous said...

"resident douce nozzle?"

Oh yes, the Price Fixing Suit, Matt Lucks 100 million no humpy marketing program, and Jesus was born on the 25th of December?

The World's Trade Center, bobbyt and Murkowski in Japan, now that would be fun to watch to!

Anonymous said...

Shit Quality?

Required, Federal, State, and Local too.

The ADF&G requirement for the postage stamp management plans from ADF&G.

And AIFMA's President??? Dave Harsela!
" I'm going to cancel my reefer system if they toss the 32 ft. limit..."
BOF meeting minutes 2009, Anchorage Hilton...

Shit Quality, as required to sit in any ADF&G employment position, along with AIFMA, BBRSDA, BBEDC, BBNA, City and Borough government offices...

The 1 cent study, where 1% and 99 are always delusional.

"A blind man is not required to see at his peril; and although he is, no doubt, bound to consider his infirmity in regulating his actions, yet if he properly finds himself in a certain situation, the neglect of precautions requiring eyesight would not prevent his recovering for an injury to himself, and, it may be presumed, would not make him liable for injuring another."

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Board of Shit for Brains!

Anonymous said...

And Alan Austerman boobyt, the old corrupt bastards club, along with Mel Morris and the rest of the Fish Cabinet, shown in any and every action, from Petersburg Packing.

Public Report, Ombudsman A 2006-166, 195, 196
"Contrary to Law" that United States Supreme Court, always confuses the Corrupt Bastards Club Alawyas.


"While it is impossible to insure that any of the proposals will ever become regualtions without a through restructuring process, it is certain that none could have been considered..."
Mel Morris Nov. 14 , 2007
Corrupt Bastards Club, in Writing on the Corrupt Bastards Queen Governors Stationary!

Keep those papers dry bobbyt, motive is always a complicated subject matter, from SEAS, and Petersburg Packing, Corrupt Bastards Headquarters, for Generations!

Anonymous said...

Honestas optima politia

In 1778, the famed British navigator and explorer, Captain James Cook named the area "in honor of the Admiral Earl of Bristol" in England.

No Optimum Criminal Number Study required.

Anonymous said...

That is true, Harsila testifying as AIFMA president, opposed a longer, higher quality boat length for Bristol Bay.

He did say that he would cancel his refer system should the 32 foot limit be repealed.

That is your "leadership" inaction for the Bay.

And Snopac Blakey opposed higher quality there also along with the quiet collaberration of BBEDC and that arrangement.

Anonymous said...

bobby, I have a hard time believing you don't remember the high dollar value of those fish in Japan.

I remember a discussion that I had with an egg tech about 25 years ago. By the time we struggled through the language difference, converted pounds to kilos, yen to dollars, the rough result was sockeye street value was $35 lb., and a pallet of roe was worth $250k to $300k. A quarter million $ in eggs on a pallet!

I don't forget numbers like that so easily, do you?

staufen said...

Ahhh, soooo, once again the saki-soaked Bobbysan has trouble in translating back to English the instructive PR lessons of his masters. 'Bow little if at all' is not in his vocabulary.

Ahhh, a then there is the Bristol Bay case, with the listed thousands of cross-company price coordinating phone calls, the Okaya Plan, the dismissed corrupt juror signaling defense lawyers after Ben Stevens influenced her during the trial, and much more. How many fishermen ever read or saw any of the real evidence, let alone just read the briefs? Obviously not Bobby T, as he remains in blinders to this day. That case had "so much smoke that the jurors could not see the many guns" in the courtroom.

As to AFP, AFT or ATP - what a fool. Thorstenson, you know fully well it is ABUSIVE TRANSFER PRICING, even if understanding it is above your pay grade. And a vice president of Marubeni took measures to tell me personally that when it entered the courtroom, Marubeni laid the $25 million check on the table the next morning to get out of the case ASAP! The anon who advises you to remember prices in Japan during the entire case's period never changed, while prices were fixed, lowered, on Alaska fish tickets is someone you might listen to, as well.

It is nice to know some things don't change, and that idiocy still has no cure. It allows us all to go into the New Year expecting the next laugh at your corner... so paint yourself in well, once again.

But if you were truly Alaskan, truly a man, you'd join in with the crewmembers disenfranchised by Ratz programs, take some of your personal millions and add them to a legal fund and see the laws of Admiralty, contracts and civil rights be upheld. But we know you are too wired in to your bit part in Cowardville to act so worthily.

We enjoyed the laughs, please bring on more...

Groundswell Fisheries Movement

staufen said...

Also note that Bobby T said:
"Heck, OBSI is 50% owned by BBEDC. How more Alaskan a company can you have than that, save for SBS."

He could not say "American" because Icicle's deal was through Fox Paine with backing of Glitnir Bank of Iceland, whose CEO and other managers went to jail for Chirstmas. That was part of the anticorruption efforts in dealing with their 2008 financial collapse, which in a significant way resulted from a bad IFQuota fishing system that is now being dismantled. That IFQ regime is like Crab Ratz, yet it was ruled by the UN Human Rights Commission to be "internationally illegal." We say so be it for Crab Ratz, too.

Oh, and did we mention BBEDC's share actually came from the USA taxpayers in the form of CDQ golden egg goose droppings - at the expense of most of you?

Now, fish folks, the reason young Bobby probably sounds coherent, in part, a tiny bit is because he got a little Xmas present this year in the form of diminished wealth for his allocated share of the $3.44 million fine by NOAA Fisheries - largest ever in the USA, which must soon be paid. So, since I was the one bringing that on, we can only expect bobby t to rant, throw ad hominems etc. because Icicle was a crooked corporation that got caught and punished by the decade long reach of the law.

"Oh, what a wonderful time of the year"...indeed.

Now as to admitting he was getting steak bought for him in Japan by NISSUI, and hobnobbing with the superior saki-sponge Frank, well ... that tells you what they all value over Alaskan fishermen, doesn't it?!

Enuf reminders for this year...
Groundswell Fisheries Movement

Anonymous said...

I love that taufen dude. no homo.

Anonymous said...

I still want to know, who changed the color of the Copper River?

"Who wants to dick around in brown water and too many boats anyway. Oh wait. That's why I fish somewhere else. Wonder why PWS and M permits are more expensive. Hhmmm."


And the lowest prices in 125 years?

Anonymous said...

Everyone writes checks for millions when there not guilty, just go ask bobbyt, Trevor NELBRO and the Red Sea, Virginia at WAFCO, the new and improved Icicle Seafoods and the Seattle Seven, Exxon's Favorites, how else can Exxon win Punative Damages against Exxon?

YAK $50,000. buy low, sell high!

Yes, its not price fixing, and Red Salmon ain't Red Salmon, and Crabs are always caught in another' whores bedroom too.

And that Crab Rats Letter, on General Sherman's Brothers Act of 1890, from Old McDonalds's Department of Justice Anti-Trust letter?
Keep those papers dry!

Those Connecticut Delegates, Sherman, Ellsworth and Johnson had not yet arrived, but would trickle in the following weeks, protecting property and promoting economic development.

Anonymous said...

Bobbyt's Hero, sailing master Arnold!

Anonymous said...

"I miss Big Frank as Gov and Senator"

Dinner with Ted

That's 25,000.00 a lb. for lobster, including free complementary bonus, as wrote into the Federal Register? Go Magnusen Stevens.

Dinner with Ben

No lobster included, Ben cant afford it, too expensive, but exactly the same benefit
payable in the Federal Register...Go Magnusen Stevens.

Boobyt you still got baby Murkowski, cry me a river!

Anonymous said...

I miss Murkowski?

Anonymous said...

I miss crab'in.

And Captain Petersen; Skipper of the Wilhelm Gustloff, 26,000 tons, meeting Captain Alexander Marinesko S-13, at 780 tonnes.

The interesting Ship of State originally intended to be named The Adolf Hitler.

Anonymous said...

Hey bobby, still waiting for those fish and roe street prices!

Anonymous said...

Classic, reminds me of the old Highliner days. Bobbyt's still opening himself up for verbal abuse by bragging about himself. Keep it up, makes for a good read on a winter day!

Anonymous said...

bobby... still waiting. You were acting as a public emissary, please report.

Anonymous said...

Public emissary?

It was 2003- look up the aspr if you want the oct 2003 bay prices

I did not write any prices down
Not my job

Just amazed at the poor quality of bay sockeye

Btw- it was a trip seas paid for- not the state

Anonymous said...

Sorry, you're right, I'm wrong, I should have said public enemy, private emissary. Thanks at least for the non-answer.

Anonymous said...

wtf... the post was about YAK selling, hijacked thread?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

(Fade out to Queens song "Another one bites the dust...")