Friday, July 24, 2009

Palin names bank, fisheries, forestry panelists

Gov. Sarah Palin announced these appointments today:

Alaska Commercial Fishing and Agricultural Bank

Gov. Palin appointed Robert Scott to the Alaska Commercial Fishing and Agricultural Bank (CFAB) board of directors. The governor appoints two of the seven-member CFAB board, which manages the assets of and selects officers to the bank. CFAB was created to address limitations to the access to credit by resident Alaska commercial seafood harvesters, processors and farmers. In 2000, CFAB's statute was amended to expand its lending authority to include tourism and resource-based industries.

Scott, of Kenai, has been the president of Salamatof Seafoods Inc. since 1980. Prior to that he was the senior vice president of Alaska operations for Whitney Fidalgo Seafoods Inc. from 1972-1980. He has worked in the fishing industry since 1949. Scott serves on the Trustee Health and Welfare Plan for the International Longshore Workers Union and has served on the Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce, the Alaska State King Crab Quality Control Board, the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute and as a member of the Pelican Volunteer Fire Department. He was appointed to a seat representing a governor’s appointment.

Pacific Marine Fisheries Commission

Gov. Palin reappointed Rep. Bryce Edgmon to the Pacific Marine Fisheries Commission. The three-member Pacific Marine Fisheries Commission was created to promote better use of marine resources, shellfish, and finfish. It develops programs for protection and prevention of waste of fisheries.

Edgmon, of Dillingham, represents a district that includes the Aleutian, Pribilof and Shumagin Islands, the Alaska Peninsula, and Bristol Bay — altogether one of most productive commercial fishing regions in the world. He has held seats on the House Special Committee on Fisheries and the Resources Committee, both of which are bodies that regularly scrutinize issues and legislation related to stewardship of the marine environment. Edgmon was appointed to a seat representing a legislator serving on the Resources Committee.

Alaska Board of Forestry

Gov. Palin reappointed Rob Bosworth and Mark Vinsel to the Alaska Board of Forestry. The nine-member board’s mission includes advising the governor on state logging and forestry regulations, promoting cooperative resolution of industry-related issues, recommending areas of forestry research and suggesting improvements to state forestry laws and regulations.

Bosworth, of Juneau, is Southeast Alaska Program director for The Nature Conservancy. He has worked for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, as a research analyst in the 1970s and deputy commissioner in 2002. Bosworth holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and environmental studies and a master’s degree in resource management from University of California, Santa Cruz. He also received a master’s degree in marine affairs from University of Washington, Institute for Marine Studies — Emphasis on Coastal Resource Management. Bosworth was appointed to a seat representing an environmental organization.

Vinsel, of Juneau, has been executive director of United Fishermen of Alaska since 2004, after serving as the industry advocacy group’s office manager from 2000-04. He served as chairman of the Alaska Commemorative Coin Commission from 2005-08, and chairman of the Alaska Fishing Industry Relief Mission from 2005-07. Vinsel earned a bachelor’s degree in design and industry from San Francisco State University. He was appointed to a seat representing the commercial fishing industry.

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