Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Big sockeye harvest confirmed at Bristol Bay

Bristol Bay has done it again, yielding a colossal catch of sockeye salmon.

With Monday's catch of about 1.6 million fish, the harvest tally clicked well over 20 million fish to a total of 21,404,623, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game reports today.

The hottest fishing district this season: Egegik, with better than 9 million fish landed so far.

The preseason forecast for Bristol Bay was for a commercial catch of about 24 million fish. With daily catches still running strong I'm guessing we'll see more than that by the time the fishery wraps up in a couple of weeks.

For you trivia buffs, I can tell you the bay produced a catch of 27.8 million last year. The largest catch on record was 44.3 million in 1995.

Haven't heard anything reliable on prices yet. Have you?


Anonymous said...

Wes, I'm hearing 62-68 cents, similar to last year, w/dime chilling bonus. msfish

Nate Lindaman said...

Please post when you get a final line on the Bristol Bay sockeye price. I would expect about the same as last year despite the sluggish economy. The dollar being down actually helps since most of the catch goes to Asian markets.

Anonymous said...

baywatch paying 85 cash, trident at 70, anyone else??

Unknown said...

Neighbor just came back, 75 cents a pound.