Monday, July 20, 2009

Over the top

Now that the season is nearly done, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has stopped updating its daily online catch summary for the Bristol Bay salmon fishery.

Deckboss was curious this morning, however, about whether the fishery had topped 30 million sockeye.

So I called the department's Slim Morstad out in King Salmon.

Slim reports the grand total through Sunday stands at 30,108,796 fish.

Not bad, considering the state had forecast a catch this season of about 24 million fish.

On prices, the folks with the Alaska Independent Fishermen’s Marketing Association report most gillnetters are going home with a base price of 70 cents a pound. Last year most companies paid a base of 68 cents.

The price seems impressive, considering all the gloom with the world economy.

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Unknown said...

Thanks Wes- it's always a bit frustrating when ADF&G quits posting #'s.