Wednesday, July 8, 2009

$4 million in Exxon Valdez payments coming

Federal Judge H. Russel Holland of Anchorage has approved an application from lawyers in the Exxon Valdez case to pay out another $4 million in punitive damages.

People in seven plaintiff categories will divide the money.

The categories are area businesses, personal injury claimants, personal property claimants, fish tenders, non-Native subsistence claimants, aquaculture associations and Native corporations.

Here's the list of claimants and the amounts they will receive, minus attorney fees.

Sorry, I'm not sure exactly when checks or direct deposits will go out. Shouldn't be long, though.

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Anonymous said...

i have gotten letters from the IRS about my "award"... yet, as of today, i have received no award. it is in the togiak herring permit holder non-oiled catagory... have they paid that out & i didn't receive mine?

Deb Knutson