Friday, May 18, 2012

We're dumping the MSC — really!

Deckboss just received this open letter from Alaska salmon processors "reaffirming" their intent to withdraw from the Marine Stewardship Council certification program.

The 27 processors signing onto the statement say they represent 80 percent of the salmon caught in Alaska.


Anonymous said...

i understand and applaud their decision but they are in conflict with european distributors,wholesalers,retailers,and unilever{aka msc}.

good luck.

Anonymous said...

And as usual, Zuanich, Riggs, and Troy miss out on solidarity within the industry. Thanks Silver Bay.

Anonymous said...

MSC is a SCAM!

Anonymous said...


Alway low IQ, Always!

Anonymous said...

Vince Goddard?

Where Bankruptcy is the Sustainable Science!