Thursday, May 31, 2012

Trouble down on the farm

Icicle Seafoods, one of Alaska's major salmon processors, also is involved in farming Atlantic salmon in Washington state.

Recently, media outlets reported that Icicle was killing scores of farmed fish to prevent an outbreak of infectious hematopoietic necrosis, the IHN virus, from spreading.

Icicle yesterday issued this press release addressing the situation, emphasizing that the virus is found naturally in the region's wild salmon and herring.


Anonymous said...

So a company that profits from its farming and an expert hired by the company tell us this is a natural hazard and not to be worried about it spreading. Right. We can trust this information. This is an example of why the State of Alaska rejected fish farming years ago.

Anonymous said...

so, i wonder where the smolts and eggs came from?
no ihn in puget sound in 30 years. canada has a history
of ihn, i wonder

Anonymous said...

the disease that wipe out chile and scotland a few years back was traced back to the eggs from norway.
eastern canada's farms have also been hit by disease.

grid up 7 pounds of edible wild fish feed it farm salmon to make them to gain 1 pound,pump them full of steroids,anti-biotics,anti-pesticides,anti-bactericides,anti-fungicides,add artificial coloring
and let them swim around in their own waste.
tasty :(

Anonymous said...

Swimming in shit?

Like that's a new Icicle Concept....

Love that Bakers man...

"We disagree with Icicle's reading of the scope of the Exxon case..."

Anonymous said...

what do the feedlots do with ten of thousands seals and sea lions they kill every year to "protect" their fish.
grind them up for fish food or let them rot to become food for gulls and crabs?