Thursday, May 24, 2012

Orca Bay, Kuskokwim Seafoods partner up

Here's the press release.


Anonymous said...

Deckboss, I thought you were an investigative journalist. Don't you have any comment on this three-day-old press release? Really, you seem to be all over Japanese consolidation news when its any of the big boys, but do you really need to be clubbed over the head like a baby seal to get the story?!

Orca Bay Seafoods is a member of the Tokusui Corporation. See Kuskokwim Seafoods has an interesting background - see

What are the potential regional implications of this match-up, especially with regards to competition with CVRF? What are the plans of Kuskokwim with its new partner?

Deckboss said...

I thank you for picking me up!

If Kuskokwim is, in fact, planning to compete with Coastal Villages, we should wish them luck. Pollock provides, you know.

Anonymous said...

The Japanese giant Maruha Nichiro Holdings also owns a minority stake in Orca Bay. The same conglomerate that owns Peter Pan, Westward and, interestingly, Patagonia Salmon Farming (a large operation in Chile)

Anonymous said...

Deckboss doesn't care.

Anonymous said...


It's a conspiracy!!

The world is against ME! Because it's all about ME!

If only I'd uh went to school and got some book larnin' I coulda get a real job.

Anonymous said...

CVRF is a Federal Monies program and they have no business competing with private enterprises. Becoming a monopoly with Public Dollars is not the intent of the CDQ program.

Anonymous said...

Becoming a monopoly with Public Dollars is exactly what's happening in the Norton Sound - the CDQ is in control of everything related to the fisheries, including counting salmon escapement for ADF&G, controling the seats on the ADF&G "approved RAA" which in turn controls the projects with support from ADF&G on the RPT.

Public input is discouraged and not recognized. What does the state have regulations and laws for anyway? Just for the books I guess.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long will CVRF allow Kuskokwim Seafoods to operate before they slide in and take over.

A classical case happened in Nome in the 90's - Mike Rink, a private businessman was pushed aside by the Public Dollars of the CDQ program. They bullied him right out of the business. Public Dollars used against private enterprise. Of course they paided him off but only after a long, long battle in court. Public Dollars are not intended to use against society like that. The Federal Government is coming to rural Alaska and perhaps the people will speak up against all this unfair play with Public Dollars.