Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pardon my rant

So, I took the redeye out of Anchorage last night, heading to Fish Expo. Thus far the trip is not going well.

My Boeing took off nearly three hours late. It's raining in Seattle, of course. McDonald's put cheese on my dang sausage biscuit. And Starbucks is playing nonstop Christmas music. On Nov. 16.


off2fish said...

But your going to Fish Expo! Peel the cheese, plug the ears and wear a raincoat. Life is good.

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you in Seattle- keep up the great work!

lange said...

Agreed with off2fish.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, don't forget to put a raincoat on the sausage!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to America... ;-)

Anonymous said...

And could you ask Heyano, and Waldrop with Associates about spending tax dollars for political purposes clearly defined as criminal in;

"An Act relating to regional seafood development associations and to regional seafood development taxes."

Anonymous said...

AS 11.16.130. Legal Accountability of Organizations.

(a) Except as otherwise expressly provided, an organization is legally accountable for conduct constituting an offense if the conduct
(1) is the conduct of its agent and
(A) within the scope of the agent's employment and in behalf of the organization; or
(B) is solicited, subsequently ratified, or subsequently adopted by the organization; or
(2) consists of an omission to discharge a specific duty of affirmative performance imposed on organizations by law.
(b) In this section "agent" means a director, officer, or employee of an organization or any other person who is authorized to act in behalf of the organization.

Anonymous said...

Rain and high winds in the Puget Sound area last night. Blew East and over the Cascades, and the sun came out this am. Typical Seattle late fall weather. Seatac is a vistor friendly port, free wifi and easy access to downtown Seattle. A lot better than, should I dare say Ted Stevens International Airport. Should be renamed, due to the fact UFA sold its sole to Stevens and his cronies!

Anonymous said...

What do these rants have to do with Fish Expo in Seattle? Grow up or find a new occupation.

Ochigal2 said...

Wow that last "anonymous" user really took your rant personal huh mr. deckboss? lol
anyway glad you made it safely..and ii happen to like "off2fish" comment ;) Enjoy the Expo!!

**don't forget to "peel the cheese, plug your ears, and wear a raincoat" (they come in pretty handy on those rainy days)**

Take it easy :)

stuart said...

Sorry about the Xmas music, but that is what you get for going to Starbuck's. Bleeding Sonics green & gold.