Monday, November 21, 2011

Fuglvog's fate will wait a bit longer

Arne Fuglvog won't be sentenced until after the holidays.

Fuglvog, you'll recall, is the former fisheries aide to U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

He pled guilty in August to a federal fisheries violation, and was to be sentenced on Dec. 7.

Fuglvog, through his attorney, last week asked to delay sentencing, and Judge H. Russel Holland has reset the matter for 8 a.m. Feb. 7.

A plea agreement calls for Fuglvog to draw 10 months in prison.


Anonymous said...

I recently read that Alaska is one
of America's top 3 most corrupt States.
Sadly I'm starting to think they
might be right.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It must be nice to have enough political clout to have the upcoming holidays off before reporting to the box.

Anonymous said...

Probably the top of the top three.

Anonymous said...

Petersburg Packing

“Life is like a sewer. What you get out of it depends on what you put into it.”

Anonymous said...

Senator Murkeywaters, always supports the sewer, just like daddy's most famous United States Senate outhouse legislation.

Why is it Petersburg, has so many going home, using the bait and switch UFA, and that most interesting Federal Enforcement Officers...

They even have those bought off at the Petersburg Sewage Outfall Line.

Anonymous said...

"I'm delighted the public agency was able to wipe away any public discomfort."

Daddy sang Frank
Momma sang Trevor
Me and little Ben just joined right in there...

Anonymous said...

And the old Dartmouth College Again?

New Bedford, from Dave Bedford's "series of tubes."

Anonymous said...

And todays Petersburg Queen?

Best Available Science=just another Petersburg sewage spill, in every Court everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Good to see we're up and at 'em.

Anonymous said...

To catch more than the next guy is norwegian, to cheat, that's Alaskan.

Anonymous said...

And to cheat in these cases is national origin, related to a certain painted up pretty, stinky political subdivisions.

Like that Fish Cabinet, starring Arne, Lisa, and Coconut Grove Highwayman Don, love those special earmarks, and the special exemptions to the Magnusen Stevens Act, for S01A.

What happened to S01E, S01H, S01K, S01L, S01M, not enough National Norwegian Origin in these Purse Seine fisheries?

Criminal Law, always confuses the Kommssion, until after the Commission of the crime.

Alaska Statute; Sec. 18.80.255. Unlawful practices by the state or its political subdivisions.
It is unlawful for the state or any of its political subdivisions
(1) to refuse, withhold from, or deny to a person any local, state, or federal funds, services, goods, facilities, advantages, or privileges because of race, religion, sex, color, or national origin;

Anonymous said...

Of course those "series of tubes" always confuse the Attorney General of the State of Norway, who still can't figure out what happened in 1791.
The 1st, and the "series of tubes" what a Klassic Kangaroo Kourt Kommission it "IS"

Summary Judgement, Vote Imbecile!

Anonymous said...

He's a crook, lock him up quick.
Cheating fisherman aren't good fisherman.

Anonymous said...

UFA supported Arne the whole way. What a crock of BS! One of the many reasons why I shred the UFA application, when it arrives in the mail. Plus, they supported Frank "I want my own jet airplane" Murkowski in his bid for a second term. What a bunch of losers!

Anonymous said...

No one will ever know just how much money Arne gave up to help Alaskan-and US fishermen. And women. And their families.

He worked his ass off for us.

I'd back him again.

He made a mistake.

He did 99 great things helping us commercial fishermen. He gave up millions to go back to DC

He's my friend and always will be.


Anonymous said...

Always about the money isn't it booby. He knew what he was doing was illegal, immoral and just plain wrong. Yet he still chose to do it. That should speak volumes to his character. Once a crook always a crook

Anonymous said...

Build a thousand bridges and nobody is gonna call you a bridge builder. Suck one dick and they're all gonna call you a c$&k sucker. So what if Arne did 99 good things.his claim to fame is that he is a crook

Anonymous said...

Booby you really cannot name one good thing Arne did for the benefit of the longliners that did not benefit himself

Anonymous said...

Bobby T.-

For the love of all that is decent and in order ssshhhh! Did you ever consider that maybe you do more harm then good to your crusades? Please give us all a break and go radio silent for about a decade.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, we have no doubt that Arne
worked his ass of for you, or that
it was profitable enough that you would
back him again, The problem is he sold
the rest of us out for the profit of your small group of friends.

Anonymous said...

Bs on all of the followups

I never called on Arne in DC save for one 15 minute visit in the Hart cafeteria with my wife and kids on a family trip to visit Ted


You are calling a true friend of mine- and I may have made a crysade when I defended Ted Don Frank Ben on the bullshit witchhunt that the Bushies instigated on behalf of the Bass brothers or whomever but they were exceptional public servants(Don still is) who worked on behalf of All Alaskans-
Arne is different because we have been friends since I can
remember and he also worked his ass off for All Alaskans


Yeah does that make all you cowardly anonymous mofo Arne haters someone worth crusading against

Were you right on Ted boys-fuck no- but you kicked him out for a guy who just Loves longliners

And he was innocent

And so was Don

And so was Ben

Arne rocked in DC

Ask anyone who has the cahoneys to post here who actually has worked for fishermen like I have instead of just armchairing your bullshit hate stuff against Ted Arne Lisa Frank and those others who put us on the map

David Bedford

Heard his name on this blog

Ever met tge man

Never been a harder working public servant

Radio silence is not my forte, pard.


someone worth crusading

Anonymous said...

And it's not about the money

It's about doing the right thing for commercial fishermen

My point was about the economic sacrifice Arne made

What's up with you lame SOBs who voted Arne in twice A's UFA man of the year

You can't rebut the filthy sewer spewing crap that these braindead losers are saying about Arne

Shame on you
Your silence will doom the efforts of good people like Arne

Kids- go get your fish- don't be a loser and accept public service as a route to help your fishing community or state

The rest of the bullshit NMFS case will come out

I'll bet that Arne was not even on the boat when some of the alleged BS was going on

Radio silence will come either when you anonymous chickenshits quit picking on good people or when the anonymous chickenshits who are good people pick up their pad and defend those who worked so hard for them so I do nt have to


Anonymous said...

Hey Bobbie, if Arne is this do good
public servant then why does he
posses this secret brown envelope.
An envelope that is so compelling
as proof of his knowledge of illegal doings in Alaskas's politics, that
a federal judge is willing to except as proof of crimes.Was Arne just looking
out for Alaskan's and holding this information to protect us, or maybe
this was business as usual in his world.
A truly honest public servant would
not possess such an envelope.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for Bobby and his provides laughter during these unsettling and trying times. Happy Thanksgiving, Bobby!

Anonymous said...

As far as Arne losing money, it's
a good thing his input and votes
into the American Fisheries Act,
Crab Ratz and others raised your
and his family Icicle Stock values
by tens of millions of dollars.
It must help carry you guy's thru
these times of need.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, stuff a cork in it.

Anonymous said...

GUUUUUUMP! Why did you put that weapon together so quickly, Gump?
You told me to, Drill Sergeant?
Jesus H. Christ!
This is a new company record! If it wouldn't be such a waste of a damn-fine enlisted man I'd recommend you for OCS! You are gonna be a general someday, Gump, now disassemble your weapon and continue!

But let us suppose, that in this our ship of state, the pilot is drunk, the most of his associates are asleep, or after large and unreasonable tippling together, they regard their eminent danger in approaching a rock with idle and negligent jollity; the ship in the mean season instead of following her right course, that might serve for the best advantage of the owners' profit, is ready rather to split herself. What should then a master's mate, or some other under officer do, who is vigilant and careful to perform his duty? Shall it be thought sufficient for him to pinch or punch them who are asleep, without daring in the meantime to put his helping hand to preserve the vessel which runs on a course to destruction, lest he should be thought to intermeddle with that which he has no authority nor warrant to do? What mad discretion, nay, rather notorious impiety were this? Seeing then that tyranny, as Plato says, "is a drunken frenzy or frantic drunkenness," if the prince endeavour to ruin the commonwealth, and the principal officers concur with him in his bad purposes, or at the least are lulled in a dull and drowsy dream of security, and the people (being indeed the true and absolute owner and lord of the state) be, through the pernicious negligence and fraudulent connivency of those officers, brought to the very brim of danger and destruction, and that there be, notwithstanding, amongst those unworthy ministers of state, some one who does studiously observe the deceitful and dangerous encroachments of tyranny, and from his soul detests it, what opposition do we suppose best befits such a one to make against it? Shall he consent himself to admonish his associates of their duty, who to their utmost ability endeavour the contrary? Besides, that such an advertisement is commonly accompanied with too much danger, and the condition of the times considered, the very soliciting of reformation will be held as a capital crime: so that in so doing he may be not unfitly resembled to one, who, being in the midst of a desert, environed with thieves, should neglect all means of defence, and after he had cast away his arms, in an eloquent and learned discourse commend justice, and extol the worth and dignity of the laws. This would be truly according to the proverb, "To run mad with reason." What then? Shall he be dull and deaf to the groans and cries of the people? Shall he stand still and be silent when he sees the thieves enter? Shall he only hold his hands in his bosom, and with a demure countenance, idly bewail the miserable condition of the times? If the laws worthily condemn a soldier, who, for fear of the enemies, counterfeits sickness, because in so doing he expresses both disloyalty and treachery, what punishment can we invent sufficient for him, who either maliciously or basely betrays those whose protection and defence he has absolutely undertaken and sworn? Nay, rather than let such a one cheerfully call one and command the mariners to the performance of their duty: let him carefully and constantly take order that the commonwealth be not endamaged, and if need so require, even in despite of the king, preserve the kingdom, without which the kingly title were idle and frivolous, and if by no other means it can be affected, let him take the king and bind him hand and foot, that so he may be more conveniently cured of his frenzy and madness...

Anonymous said...

bobbyt - even turkeys are stuffed on Thanksgiving and you are the biggest turkey of all, only you happen to think that dollar bills are the only stuffing you will accept.

Arne pleaded guilty, no one made him do so.

Face it, bobby, you got lucky with the Polar Pen investigation, but that doesn't mean they are done investigating.

Part of Arne's plea deal with to provide evidence, or did that escape your attention?

Anonymous said...

Please don't ask him questions. We will surely suffer more.

Anonymous said...

Was Bobby T really Arne's college room mate?

Did Lisa steer Bobby any projects through Denali?

Did Arne benefit Bobby?

Follow the money.

Maybe that is what the US Attorney is doing one postponement after another

Anonymous said...

Old slime stinks. Time to start all over again with new scrubbers, buckets and bailers!

Anonymous said...

He brought the big guns to Petersburg!

Anonymous said...

Resident, of the United States?

What a Petersburg Concept, better yet at the CFEC, NMFS, and quite a few law offices for Civil Right's Crimes, to Enforce William H. Sewards

Willamette U, of Law, come on booby, ...Ever been to Alaska, boobyt?

Anonymous said...

"That means nigger citizenship. By God, I'll put him through. That is the last speech he will ever give."

And to the angle of the church in Philadelphia write;

Royal Knighthood?

Anonymous said...

One of the last things that Fuglvog did was strip the commercial fishing industry on the Yukon from the Disaster Funding. This is the fourth time that Disaster Funding went to the politically connected, in contravention of the law, to benefit his political handlers.

In the lastest case of Yukon Disaster funding Fuglvog made sure that the Native Groups got control of the funds and the commercial fishing industry was robbed of badly needed funding to get his boss the votes from the bush, which without which Murkowski might not have been elected.

Fuglvog helped some fishermen (his friends), and never really helped ALL the fishing industry.

When you ask an east coast fishermen why they did not back Fuglvog for the head of NMFS, their answer is simple.

They view all fishing industry operatives from Alaska as "dirty".

If they can figure out the truth from the east coast, the Fuglvogs, of the world are only kidding themselves when they hold themselves up as saints of the fishing industry.

The only industry that supports Fuglvog, Thostenson, and Murkowski, et al, are those handful that have gotten rich, which cozying up to these people.

The rest of our industry has more integrity than to be bought off.

Anonymous said...

The wind in the wires made a tattle-tale sound
and a wave broke over the railing.
And ev'ry man knew, as the captain did too
'twas the witch of November come stealin'.

Anonymous said...

The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down
of the big lake they call "Gitche Gumee."
"Superior," they said, "never gives up her dead
when the gales of November come early!"

Anonymous said...

I have never seen any of the authors of the vitriolic rants against Bobby T sign his or her name, while Bobby always signs his (as far as I know). I'm not interested in song lyrics, paragraphs with forty sentences or William Seward, so I am not signing either, but then I am not anonymously bashing anyone either. Bobby T has called you anonymous bashers out to be as open as he is. I guess we'll see.....

Anonymous said...

happy holiday's Gina

Anonymous said...


That is my favorite song
Dean Haltiner took me to see Gordon in concert in 1982

Gina took me in 1990

I was just playing that song coming up from petrsburg to Juneau yesterday in my 32 footer

Had to turn around at midway islands last time

We were down from 26 knits to 3 knots so figured that was enough

Since the first cave man facebooked with petroglyphs folks have signed their John Hancock to their writings

Now, after 1000'd of years the I'm-posters have decided to be anonymous

Well sirs, madams, Chinese, Alaskans, Martians, pedophiles or whatever your anonymity makes you-- your words are meaningless

Mankind can read and even enjoy this anonymous crap and rantings but they are adrift, meaningless and without context unless you sign your John Hancock

There has always been a pattern here though

Ted Don Arne, whomever gets accused

The first dozen or so posts are about how we see all corrupt bastards etc

Then occasionally, I say something positive about the victim of the day

Then I get stomped by the Chinese American anonymous pedophiles who won't acknowledge their transmission of thoughts and ideas. And I think they must not believe or have any pride of ownership of those thoughts and ideas


History always plays out the same way

Still standing after a decade of threats, insults, accusations of wrongdoing, Victor Smith FBI meetings

I recall a movie I like, Reservoir Dogs
Here's a quote

For you anonymous people basher scumbags
'You can bark all day little doggies but can you bite'

When you all started barking I didn't even have a job yet
I was half million in debt catching 5 cent humpies

Thanks mostly to UFA, guys like Arne F, Arni T, Bruce S, Chuck B, Troy D, Rob Z- the Ak stste legislature- Ted Don Frank and Lisa Asmi and afmb and Ben and Trevor for getting ghe salmon markets straightened out so I could make a living for my family. And to the loud crowd from chinese american anonymous land for a wintertime career so that I can get new shoes
for the kids.


Anonymous said...

'Thanks to the UFA', don't you
mean thanks to Daddy, SR .
How do you get a half a million in
loans with no job ? DADDY covers
for jr. You aren't self made.
Sr even got you your fish market.
All of Petersburg knows the truth.

Anonymous said...

B of a

Never got a loan from my folks
9000 to pay for my wifes ring and 1/2 the cost of my wedding

Paid my way thru school 100%

Bought the Pam in 1988 after running her since 1983

Paid 320,000 for the boat skiff permit

It was a decent deal

Could have bought it for less in 2005

Not a gift- I fished for or paid payments to my grandmother for 14 years before I owned the boat outright

Why am I answering an anonymous pedophile???

If my dad got me a boat it wouldn't have been a wood boat

He told me I was a loser for buying a wood slab

Tried to get me to buy the little lady- johnny a
Arranged meetings, checked out the boats

Anyhoo - I don't need to defend myself- anyone who saw how great a man my dad and grandpa Magnus were has no issue understanding that I could make a living being 1/10th the men they were. And I don't dispute that.

Not to mention that they both put their money where their mouths and hearts were- in Petersburg- and along with their better halves- invested in the industry on their kids behalf

It's America. And if you too want to buy and market and sell your own fish all winter, you can. I'm extraordinarily proud of what they and Tom t Gordon j did along with Oliver Hofstad Nels otness Lloyd pederson Fred haltiner aril mathisen Erik rosvold bud samuelson robin leekley jeff primer
With the swansons mckays conns etc etc families working and owning part of the company- now that's quite a large ownersip and I've left out a ton of folk- Johnny w Jackie o-
Fred file

So I'll sign off now-

Daddys boy
Even got the same name

Not much of a commercial fisherman but I do love salmon seining

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Bobby. I would imagine none of the bashers even know who the individuals you list in post 6:26 PM are. The bashers are shiite, they know nothing, and your father and Gordon Jensen are heroes. They are passed, and so cannot defend themselves, but you do a great job. You should be damn proud, as I know you are, to be your father's son, and he would be proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Arne.


Anonymous said...

Bashers are shiite. Shiite is Irish for shit. I wouldn't know Norwegian as I am not.

Anonymous said...

Don't under estimate the ones that remember the names. I think the name you are looking for Doug Logan names his boat.

Anonymous said...

The authors used the pseudonym "Publius", in honor of Roman consul Publius Valerius Publicola.

And Petersburg Packing where if you want to buy the politician join SEAS and the UFA.

"But it is not so much the absurdity as the evil of hereditary succession which concerns mankind. Did it ensure a race of good and wise men it would have the seal of divine authority, but as it opens a door to the FOOLISH, the WICKED, and the IMPROPER, it hath in it the nature of oppression. Men who look upon themselves born to reign, and others to obey, soon grow insolent. Selected from the rest of mankind, their minds are early poisoned by importance; and the world they act in differs so materially from the world at large, that they have but little opportunity of knowing its true interests, and when they succeed in the government are frequently the most ignorant and unfit of any throughout the dominions..."
Common Sense Thomas Paine

Anonymous said...

bashers don't post their name because bobbyt has threaten them with retribution if he knew who they were in past postings, not too hard to figure out. With bobbyt's contacts in ADFG through lobbying & UFA, making a well-placed phone call to CFAB or any one to exact his revenge is not to hard to accomplish.

As far as the F/V Pamela Rae, there is the funny coincidence of how it caught fire after his buddy Zuanich insured it and it needed to be rebuilt, wooden boat and all that.

If bobbyt was happy with being paid only 1/3 of what he was owed in Kake (and I have heard he wasn't, he was threatening to file suit against the city but didn't have a case), then that means SEAS is overpaying him by 2/3 for the work he does for them. In fact, that means all his clients are overpaying him by 2/3rds (or 67%).

Anonymous said...

And why are all boobyt's friends on their way to jail?

Threatening with Retribution?

How about that redistribution of the Limited Entry Act?

You truuly must wonder what one does in College, when clearly written english related to the Criminal Laws of the State and Nation, always confusing at SEAS, and the UFA?

AFU to UFA, why wonder Petersburg's Backwards!

Anonymous said...

On Nov. 18, Begich in the Senate, and Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, in the House, introduced the Pirate Fishing Vessel Disposal Act of 2011

The F/V Pamela Rae, top of the list!

Jason Miller said...

Alright, I read through all of this and do find it sad people use "Anonymous" to attack an individual they claim to know via actions they don't agree with or may misconstrue.

I have known BobbyT all of my life and he is a good person who is highly motivated and extremely intelligent, plus a damn good salmon fisherman. He comes from a strong family who helped many people in the commercial fishing industry especially those of us in Petersburg. He has benefitted from his family's success, so what... his family worked damn hard to get there.

Now I don't always agree with his politics nor care for some of his associates, but that doesn't make him the person "Anonymous" makes him out to be. All of my dealings and discussions with Bobby have been open, honest, and straightforward. At least he has the cojones to come on this blog and express his views, whether you agree with him or not, and sign his name.

I was never an Icicle shareholder either but my parents and grandparents were substantial shareholders and fishermen who fished for Icicle for many years, and thanks to all of the hardwork and sacrifice of the fishermen shareholders, employees, and management, that success was shared amongst them all. Silver Bay has taken a similar approach, and look at where they are at today... BobbbyT's family found a recipe for success and shared it with those who helped them in their success. I see BobbyT as trying to do the same, may be mistaken or misunderstood from time to time, but at least he is trying. He's not sitting in front of the computer bitching about what someone should or shouldn't be doing. Anonymou(s) can't even put their real name(s) down, in fear of some retaliation, BobbyT doesn't control the fishing universe, so let it go, and he is a bigger man than that anyways.

I ask "Anonymou(s)" to take a lot of the degrading remarks out and address grievances directly to BobbyT, hell he even lists his cell number for people to call him with questions, concerns, or issues.


Jason Miller
Petersburg, AK

Anonymous said...

Here is a truly funny post Jason Miller, BobbyT supporter wrote on his 2006 blog, where he also supports Alaska Report:

" I am truly appalled at the way our politcial regime has sold out our natural resources to the lower 48 and mutlinational conglomerates who exploit those resources and take the true wealth with them down south and oversees. We have especially seen this in the American Fisheries Act, Crab Rationalization, potentially Groundfish Rationalization, Halibut and Sablefish IFQ's, Oil, and minerals. I would love to see Alaskan businesses and residents benefit from these Alaskan resources not out of state and out of country public resource privatization schemes that create the new robber barrons of this century, and leaving Alaskans and our communities opportunities out of the equation."

I have a clue for you Jason: BobbyT is the lobbyist for the Alaska Crab Coalition and one the proponents of crab ratz, his buddy Trevor McCabe (who helped push through the SE seine buyback with Ben Stevens at the behest of Bobby T & Rob Zuanich) was a key lobbyist for the American Fisheries Act, and pretty much left out the communities.

Sure glad you signed your name, it's too bad you don't know what you are signing onto in terms of support given your belief system.

Jason Miller said...


Like my above post states "I have known BobbyT all of my life... and I don't always agree with his politics nor care for some of his associates" I can say without a shadow of a doubt he has always been fair, honest, and straightforward with me, If you want to know his opinion and what he's doing, just ask, its no a secret.

Did you see me supporting the buyback or his lobbying efforts, NO!!! I simply stated he's doing his best for what he feels is the direction the seafood industry needs to go. I would say the same thing you posted from me with the same conviction BobbyT has for his opinion.

So next time share your name and maybe I could read your opinion with context. I guess its better just to copy and paste other peoples words and argue a non issue as you obviously missed the whole point. I was simply stating get behind your words and sign your name, quit attacking personally, maybe just maybe attack policy, opinions, but there is no need to be derogatory towards someone.

Argue Ideas not Personalities!!!

Jason Miller
Petersburg, AK

Anonymous said...

but i dont want you to know me i might get fired

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Jason as far as' cojones' go they are weak and sensitive. Why don't people say grow a vagina? Those things can really take a pounding...

Jason Miller said...


Why would it matter if readers of this blog knew you were the author of your posts?

Regarding being fired, I guess that depends on who you work for.

The "cojones" is just a figure of speech to imply someone standing by what they say and owning it, not hiding behind anonymity.

Express what you want the way you want to, but I'm beginning to think you may be an internet troll... so get back under your bridge, before the Seafood Cabal puts a toll booth on it... LOL!!!

Jason Miller
Petersburg, AK

Anonymous said...

emplyed by 40128 so there!!!!

Jason Miller said...


So come clean... or your a definite internet troll!!!


Anonymous said...

jason in an ideal world one could expect his ideas to be heard and taken into consideration but alaska is so corrupt what choice do people have?

Anonymous said...

The 2nd Choice!

What were the “Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States”? That question was answered perhaps most famously by Justice Bushrod Washington sitting as Circuit Justice in Corfield v. Coryell , 6 F. Cas. 546, 551–552 (No. 3,230) (CC ED Pa. 1825). In that case, a Pennsylvania citizen claimed that a New Jersey law prohibiting nonresidents from harvesting oysters from the State’s waters violated Article IV, §2 because it deprived him, as an out-of-state citizen, of a right New Jersey availed to its own citizens. Id. , at 550. Justice Washington rejected that argument, refusing to “accede to the proposition” that Article IV, §2 entitled “citizens of the several states . . . to participate in all the rights which belong exclusively to the citizens of any other particular state.” Id. , at 552 (emphasis added). In his view, Article IV, §2 did not guarantee equal access to all public benefits a State might choose to make available to its citizens. See id., at 552. Instead, it applied only to those rights “which are, in their nature, fundamental ; which belong, of right, to the citizens of all free governments.” Id. , at 551 (emphasis added). Other courts generally agreed with this principle. See, e.g. , Abbott v. Bayley , 23 Mass. 89, 92–93 (1827) (noting that the “privileges and immunities” of citizens in the several States protected by Article IV, §2 are “qualified and not absolute” because they do not grant a traveling citizen the right of “suffrage or of eligibility to office” in the State to which he travels).

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The most famous trolls! Arnie, Bobby, and Teddy too!

Anonymous said...

We Troll Too!

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight, to post anonomously automatically invalidates the content? So we should disregard the references to actual law and principle?

Whereas a vulgar, grunted, posting by a lying, cheating, defaming, thief is valid and worthy just because he signs his name?

To tell you the truth, I have a hard time believing that bobbyt is actually the author of most of those listings because I can't believe someone would be THAT stupid and accusatory and then put their name on it. That doesn't take "balls" or backbone. That looks like self destruction.

Foundational truths don't need "context".

Anonymous said...

That's the part I cannot fathom either, to post _______
like the author of the United States Constitution, and Supreme Court Justice too?

My God, how did they get left behind!

How do you spell Murkowski?

Anonymous said...

To the poster at 9:03;

Bobbyt is that stupid. What he's proposing to do might not be Illega yet it should be. It's morally wrong, Ethically wrong and absolutely cannot pass the red face test.

This just goes to show Bobbyt 'absoeffinglutely' has no morals or ethics.

I know kids from P town that fished with him that have nothing good to say about him.

Anonymous said...

Legal? According to boobyt, what a concept

And the Alaska Supreme Court, hasen't made it to Petersburg Packing or Juneau either?

"The court noted that Grunert I
made clear that the Limited Entry Act restricts eligibility for
permits to natural persons who are economically dependent on and
actively participating in fishing...
Although the lack of an active participation
requirement was the flaw on which we focused the most attention
in Grunert I, we expressed concern with other aspects of the
cooperative regime as well. For example, we expressed concern
with the reduced number of crew members necessary under the cooperative regime.
We noted that the cooperative regulation may interfere with the ability of the Commercial Fisheries Entry
Commission (CFEC) to determine the optimum number of permits
because the regulation destroys any relation between the number
of permits issued per fishery and the ultimate number of
participating vessels and units of gear. And we criticized the
corporate-like nature of the cooperative regime: the cooperative
regulation . . . transforms the limited entry permit from what
used to be a personal gear license into a mere ownership share in
a cooperative organization...


Anonymous said...

"We have previously stated that AS 16.43.150(g) was
intended to allow fishermen to take advantage of the value of
their permits if they no longer wish to participate in the fishery, but to prevent the forced loss of livelihood that would result from court-ordered sales of permits. The emergency
regulation did not require permit holders to put up their permits
as security. Although there was the possibility of criminal
sanctions if a permit holder fished in another fishery, permit holders always retained ownership of their permits. The emergency regulation did not require illegal pledging of permits..."

The illegal pledge, at the NMFS, what a classic!

Anonymous said...

There is a legitimate tension between pledging SE permits as collateral for the Federal buy-back loan.

State law makes this pledge illegal, and I suspect the only method of curing this tension is to challenge the Alaskan only" pledge of collateral to CFAB as being unconstitutional, opening the doors for financing of permits by all Americans, not just Alaskans.

Be careful what yo wish for.

Jason Miller said...

Anonymous... now that is a great point regarding the financing of state permits, I'm sure banking interests outside of the State and CFAB would like to participate in that type of scenario.


Anonymous said...

Feed Your Head
Feed Your Head

Anonymous said...

Why are most people from Petersburg trouble makers?

Don't they have any law there?

Just asking

Anonymous said...

spring creek, spring creek i say. not some comfy minimum security resort in a warm place. how the hell is he gonna learn from his mistake if you dont make him pay for it?

if you put all the criminals like arne and bill allen in resorts pretty soon everybody will want to do what they did.

Jason Miller said...

Most "people" from Petersburg are not trouble makers, we are highly motivated, opinionated, educated, and hardworking.

A few "people" are polarized on a political stage as they voice their opinion, act on it, and implement it, making progress and mistakes along the way. Whether intentional or not is up to that person's interpretation, but one thing is certain they are trying as they utilize the foundation and example set for them by the hardworking Norwegian fishing heritage Petersburg exemplifies.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but right now to admit that I'm Norwegian and Alaskan makes me feel embarrassed to say the least! More people need to tell these fatheads to shut up and sit down. Ignorant liars are never in style.

Anonymous said...

Like Arne trying to get his wg fish in yakutat... Hahaha

Jason Miller said...

Why be embarrassed, its a great heritage, regardless of some mistakes made by individuals who share that same heritage. I'm a proud Petersburg Norwegian, if people want to pigeon hole me, fine, when I have the opportunity to express my view, they'll know I have my own opinion, and its not the lemming mentality either.

That's why I don't understand the constant attack on BobbyT personally, there are a lot of valid points made by anonymou(s) (plural) without the personal attacks. I for one would weigh the opinion more objectively if I knew the source and their experience.

That's why I respect BobbyT immensely as he stands behind what he says and does, whether its good, bad, or indifferent. He fights for his family, business, and friends with no regrets, whether you, or I like the direction he goes.

Just my 2 cents.


Anonymous said...

Doing "good" IS respectable, doing "indifferent" is acceptable, doing "bad" is deplorable. Recognize the differences. Drop the rings, let'm go.

context: Lifetime fisherman

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Nuff said

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Anonymous said...

FIRE Jane lubchenko too!!!!!

Anonymous said...

See Jane Read, Go Spot Go!

"(a) Public service is a public trust. Each employee has a responsibility to the United States Government and its citizens to place loyalty to the Constitution, laws and ethical principles above private gain. To ensure that every citizen can have complete confidence in the integrity of the Federal Government, each employee shall respect and adhere to the principles of ethical conduct set forth in this section, as well as the implementing standards contained in this part and in supplemental agency regulations..”
Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch, Title 5, CFR 2635.101

Anonymous said...

I don't know about being part of the
executive branch but it sure seems
unethical that Jim Balsiger, a member
of the NPFMC and NOAA's NMFS Alaska
Regional Director is married to a
Lobbyist that represents the big
processors.Time for him to step
down. I don't see how he can be
impartial when HER pay and bonuses
are based on HIS decisions.

Kristian Schonberg said...

Thanks for your comments, Jason. I totally support Bobby T. as well as Arni. In this climate, it is not easy to keep up on all the regulations in commercial fishing in AK. We need a lawyer with new rules and closures.

Anonymous said...

Bt, don't make your self out to be more stupid than you are already. Arne was caught on over a hundred violation, and bargained down to just one. Arne made millions in DC, for fishery related issues ie. Crab rationalization. Arne is a confessed criminal, why would anyone try to defend on x100 violations, purely and intent to disregaurd the laws.
X100 bt, wake up! Andrea Stuart (u.s.prosecutor), can verify the counts and violations. Lisa has obviously helping delay, and pressure for plea bargain. 1 misdemeanor count,

Anonymous said...

Also checkout the "Brig" comments listed as;
Arne Fuglvog, Petersburg
Fred Hankins, Cove Oregon
Cindy Fuglvog, Petersburg
F/V Kamilar
Longline violations
Sablefish violations
Pirate longlining

Anonymous said...

Talk Talk Talk
Politicl this may be 1000%.... Just like your kids baseball team.... You want to beat the shit out of the coach because his kid made the team when your kid was better than him....
Fisherman - ya they all made a mishap here and there..... most wanna come out and admit your guilt?
Petersburg is a wonderful place with wonderful people...and Arne is one of those GREAT people that have DONE right for so many alaskans!!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW, is there really that many stupid ignorant, mental morons living up there? Glad I got out! I know many of you are simply isolated, but seriously? Let me enlighten you about how the legal system works in this country. Just because you "plead guilty" to a crime, doesn't mean that you did it. The idea of spending a million dollars on a defense would financially crush most people! So even if you win the fight you still lose the war. I find it highly suspect that the feds didn't even start an investigation until Arne applied for the head of NMFS job. This smells like a typical political witch hunt, as well as some idiot disgruntled crew members who happen to be nothing but a bunch of cry babies, combined with a certain NMFS agent who is trying to further his career. It sounds like there is a lot of jealousy seeping out of the cracks of the angry, uneducated mob! To all of you "P-town" people, don't take it personally, having lived there, you know that all of the haters really are just jealous of all of us! It's been that way for years!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristian, are you really so dumb to believe that Arne made a simple mistake? Trust me, he knew exactly what he was doing was illegal. The rules and regs are becoming more and more challenging, but if you have a high school education you can navigate your way through the bureaucracy. Get a clue bud, you're out of your element!
Hey Jason, have you ever done anything that wasn't heavily financed by your parents or grand parents? Oh that's right, you sued the city of JNU for ~$750,000 for breaking your ankle when walking down the ramp to your daddy's boat. ( Heard you were HAMMERED ) So in a sense you're just like the guys you defend on these blogs; something for nothing! Quit your sniveling!!

Anonymous said...

3;39, You blamed ,a political witch
hunt,idiot disgruntled crew members,
a NMFS Agent trying to further his
career,and my favorite. "Jealousy
seeping out of the cracks of an angry,
uneducated mob. "Talk about being in denial.
It's a lot easier than your conspiracy
theory makes it. It's called GREED.
I guess there are a lot of Skippers
out there that are worried about the
out come of the Fuglvog case.
They might be next.