Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Togiak is toast

The long, slow decline of the Togiak herring fishery is now complete.

"Processors have indicated that they do not intend to harvest herring in Togiak in 2023 and there will be no commercial fishery," the Alaska Department of Fish and Game reports. "The department does not expect this will change."

This despite a gargantuan volume of herring available for harvest this year at Togiak.

Evidently, no one wants it.


Anonymous said...

Very sad. At Kemp Pacific Fisheries we used to buy and process thousands of tons of Togiak herring on our Bering Trader and other facilities.

May God bless us all that there will be a market for them again soon ❤️

Louie Kemp

Anonymous said...

That's OK, the resource will just get better.

Anonymous said...

🙏🏼 we can only hope…we still will need a fair market.

Anonymous said...

Just maybe those very few outbound Bristol Bay kings (Blackmouth) will have something to feed on at Cape Constantine!

Because all of those few outbound Blackmouth in every watershed of Bristol Bay, they're going to need all the help they can get.

Cause I don't think they're getting it from the Board of Fisheries and ADF&G.

Anonymous said...

If there's no more food globally they will buy herring and herring eggs.

Anonymous said...

1:58 That may come sooner than we think.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the BB's should invest in that fishery.

Anonymous said...

North Atlantic herring operations add value, ready to eat food. Their herring doesn't just go to bait or pet food — or the Tsukiji market. Their fishermen don't get paid $50-$100/mt. This is a region economic development opportunity long overdue to capitalize on.