Saturday, March 11, 2023

Emergency in Cook Inlet?

Eastside Cook Inlet setnetters have submitted an emergency petition to the Alaska Board of Fisheries in a bid to save at least a sliver of their sockeye fishery, which is slated for closure this year to help conserve scarce king salmon.

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Anonymous said...

Eight States have voted to eliminate or enact strict limitations on set nets. Kenai king salmon populations have declined 90% over the last couple decades. Set net supporters say the end of set nets will be the end of commercial fishing in Cook Inlet. This is the biggest lie of all, and proven when set nets were banned in Southeast in 1972. There are plenty of ways to harvest Sockeye without impacting these endangered Kings.

This proposal is dead on arrival, just like their last 3 emergency ideas. Looks like they may have to go buy a couple drift net boats and figure out that fishing out of pickup trucks is on the extinction list. I'll never forget those public comments at the Board of Fish, promoting proudly that they fish out of the back of pickup trucks. Now their going to have to drive more often down Peninsula Highway, back to their real jobs.