Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Shell-shocked crabbers urge 'bold actions'

Facing a rare and devastating season closure of the lucrative Bristol Bay red king crab fishery, a crabbing organization says the outlook for snow crab isn't good, either.

More in this press release from Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers.


Anonymous said...

Whatever NPFMC is doing to manage the fisheries, it is not working.

Anonymous said...

Look elsewhere. NPFMC does not manage the BSAI crab fisheries.

Anonymous said...

Who manages trawl bycatch of crab and other species in Bering Sea? Not NPFMC?

Anonymous said...

NOAA/NPFMC its all the same thing, a bureaucracy of unelected officials.

NOAA sets limits and tracks crab bycatch


NOAA has also been accused of gross mismanagement of King Crab fishing by their own former Scientist scientists