Friday, September 3, 2021

Calamitous crab announcement

The Bristol Bay red king crab fishery, historically one of Alaska's most valuable shellfish harvests, will be closed this season due to stock weakness. Here's the announcement.


Deckboss said...

The fishery was last closed for two seasons in the mid-1990s.

Anonymous said...

Now that Dr. C. Braxton Dew exposed the real crab management plan at NOAA, the NMFS and ADF&G, this one's going to be closed for a century. They always met at that Captain Cook, to cook the books, right after a trip to the Great Bush Company. The PEER review group, knows a politician when it studies one. Red over Red, NOAA's Captain is Dead, Biden's sending him on a trawl trip to Afghanistan!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who believes that fisheries management knows what's happening on the bottom of the ocean is a fool. Alaska fisheries manager's have "managed" most of our fisheries into collapse.