Friday, September 3, 2021

Indy Walton named to Board of Fisheries

Gov. Mike Dunleavy today announced the appointment of Indy Walton to the Alaska Board of Fisheries.

Walton takes the seat previously occupied by Abe Williams.

The governor's office provided this background on Walton:

Mr. Walton received his degree in education from Brigham Young University and worked as an educator in Alaska for five years. He has been commercial fishing for 37 years, with 22 years of setnetting in Bristol Bay and Kodiak and 15 years of driftnetting in Bristol Bay. Indy has owned a lodge for the past three years on the Kvichak River and has worked as a licensed financial adviser with Edward Jones Investments for the past 19 years. Additionally, he has coached hockey in Soldotna for the past 23 years.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great, another schoolteacher headed to the BOF, from a school teacher turned Governor? Massive over escapement from another school district near you!

Lesson 1, Page 1? The sailboat boys would have never wasted 15 million like the group in 2021, of course they dropped out in 8th grade, and didn't get their brains sucked out, like todays modern fisherman.

"In the sailboat days, the professional, year-round fisherman was an expert and far superior to the modern "part timer." The present day school-teaching, moonlighting, gadget-depending, garage mechanic type of fishermen did not appear until the sailboats were eliminated.' Gus Dagg