Monday, April 20, 2020

Council calls special meeting

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council has scheduled a May 15 special meeting to consider emergency requests. Details on the requests are available here.


Anonymous said...

Could the wait any longer?

Anonymous said...

The Council is meeting as soon as possible after receiving the emergency rule request. To meet legal requirements, a minimum of 23 days advance notice of a Council meeting must be provided for publication in the Federal Register.

Anonymous said...

Chris Oliver go f#$k yourself.

The state went into lockdown on March 18, and I am sure their was a way around the 23 days if the people at NMFS truly cared. Why didn't the feds take proactive steps to come up with real solution to deal with corona, instead of waiting for an emergency rule request. Why was it NMFS found a way to help out the draggers when they couldn't find observers. More excuse making and hiding behind bureaucracy to avoid accountability. A lack of engagement by the council and its leadership. Disgusting, failures like this is the reasons very few people have any confidence in the council and its process'.