Saturday, April 4, 2020

Bristol Bay's demands

Fishermen and processors expecting to travel to Bristol Bay this summer for the state's richest salmon fishery are facing a rising tide of preconditions and bureaucracy.

Why? Local residents in Dillingham and other Bristol Bay communities greatly fear the influx of thousands of fishermen, cannery workers, and vendors could unleash a local coronavirus outbreak.

Proposals to restrict fishery participants are proliferating.

The latest example is this slate of protocols from local organizations united under the banner Bristol Bay Working Group.

These protocols, which the working group says will be conveyed to the state government, appear to suggest that fishermen and cannery workers will need two negative COVID-19 tests. That's just one of numerous proposed rules for industry.

And woe unto anyone who violates the protocols.

"Failure to comply by employees or fishermen will result in immediate termination of market and removal," the working group suggests.

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Anonymous said...

The "Bristol Bay Working Group" has no authority over anything, and they cannot remove someone from ones market.