Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Therefore be it resolved...

Here's a resolution signed by quite a few fishing, processing and hatchery players urging the Legislature and governor to "carefully analyze the cumulative impact of any additional taxes and fees levied on the seafood industry."

The resolution also opposes the 12.5 fisheries royalty proposed under Senate Bill 198.


mike svenson said...

first off I don't want to pay any more in taxes. but I am really uncomfortable with this resolution. over the years UFA and now these people come out with these studies telling the state how important we are,how you people out there better respect us and that we make millions spend millions, you better not do any other industries in this state unless the fishing industry oks it. so all of you people who are not involved with commercial fishing and just want a job tough luck because were the most important. but by the way we cant afford to pay any more taxes. but were the most important industry in the state. I remember back in the early 90s one of the signers of this resolution and I went into a senators office and this guy asked the senator cant we take more money from the oil companies to pay for state agencies and the senator looked at him and asked, what makes fishermens money so sacred? that conversation ended right now. mike svenson

Anonymous said...

It's about time the rest of the fishermen in the state realized how deep the thinking goes, when "urban" residents votes for a senator.

Don't believe me? Come visit the Kenai during dipnetting season

Kipp Keim said...

How about the state govt, parasites take a 12,5 percent cut for the tax guess not going to happen or be talked about.

Bob said...

Big oil has left the state, so has big salmon , all gold rushes come to an end sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

Whereas the state of Alaska has a giant gaping budget hole,
Whereas the seafood fish taxes to the state don't cover state management expenses,
Whereas the research necessary for fish conservation and harvests, and fish taxes don't cover research expenses,
Whereas a tax rate of $139 million on $5.9 billion is an effective tax rate of less than 2.5 percent,
THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED whining about covering our own expenses for management and research is ...

Do you think the rest of the state would fill in Heroic?

Anonymous said...

Why not, we are always hearing about how everyone in the state owns the fish.

Jeremiah Kromray said...

Whereas Anonymous clearly stated the recent seafood embargo with Russia, and Alaska lost a major seafood market.
Whereas Anonymous is another uneducated podunk that tries to sound cool on Deck Boss.

Anonymous said...

Whereas; "Research cuts at Alaska universities would protect today's ignorance at tomorrow's expense."

Whereas; "The only thing that exceeds the size and complexity of Alaska is our ignorance about it."

Whereas; Research at the university interacts with research in private, state and federal agencies, which have based their research components nearby. It makes sense for Alaska to develop this evolving “smoke free” industry."

Whereas; Research at the university, involving interactions with alcohol and smoke, have always come to the same conclusion, for a drug addicted alcoholic society, paid for by oil.

Whereas; Research into the more bumpy road system of Alaska, has returned at a speed unseen since the 1980's.

Whereas; Billions spent on research at the University of Alaska, has never changed one ignoramus, electing another ignoramus.

Whereas: The United States, getting tired of 700,000 people, as the largest drain on the United States Budget, from a State who thinks they own Alaska.

Whereas; For Sale by Owner, the United States when your too stupid to pass an 8th grade civics lesson, get to the University of Alaska, and ask for a Urine Analysis.