Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It's all over at Sitka

The Sitka Sound sac roe herring fishery has closed for the season.

The fish didn't much cooperate this year, and the harvest of about 10,000 tons fell well short of the preseason target of 14,741 tons.

Deckboss hasn't heard a thing regarding prices to fishermen. Have you?


Anonymous said...

When is the Department going to support the closure of this herring fishery. At the low prices paid for the fish, they are clearly more valuable if left in the water. This is a forage fish and yet the Dept treats it like salmon forgetting its value to the eco system. The Board of fisheries are to cowardly to buck the department and put a cap on the harvest which would allow for a reasonable harvest and yet allow for far greater numbers to spawn and eventually get the fish back in numbers that support the species and all living creatures that depend on it.

Anonymous said...

Stupid to make suggest that ADFG should be allowed to dictate openings based on price. Why would you want to give a government agency any additional power over how you can conduct your business. If I buy a permit I should be able to fish, barring any escapement issues. Their are way better options, like a fleet stand down.

Another option would be to agree to consolidate the effort and then bid out the fish to the processors ahead of time. Maybe get a Chinese processor involved, if they provide a good price we could start raising hell to get the state to permit them to come in.

Anonymous said...

Maybe there is an escapement issue?

What exactly happened this year, did a lot of fish come early and the fisherman missed their opportunity during a day off?

Was the total miles of spawn what they wanted?

It seems to me that what happened in Kah Shakes, Seymour Canal, Berners Bay is happening in Sitka.