Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Fire ravages Kwik'pak buildings in Emmonak

From the Alaska State Troopers:

Location: Emmonak
Type: Structure fire
On 3/19/16 at approximately 1328 hours, Alaska State Troopers and the Emmonak village public safety officer were notified of a structure fire and smoke from a Kwik'pak Fisheries building in Emmonak. AST and the VPSO arrived on scene to find smoke coming from the windows of a large warehouse. The VPSO started to organize firefighting efforts and AST secured the area and ensured the surrounding buildings were evacuated. Fire suppression efforts on the building were unsuccessful due to failed and inoperable equipment. The fire quickly spread, completely destroying three Kwik'pak Fisheries buildings. The fire continued to spread, destroying two Yukon Marine Manufacturing buildings. The fire continued to burn throughout the evening. No injuries or burns have been reported, and no foul play is suspected. Damage is currently estimated in excess of $3 million.


tony cadden said...

OL Jack will get er up and running, you bet your savings on that!

Anonymous said...

Inoperative fire equipment? Whose fault is that? Owners are completely irresponsible and if the owners didnt care enough to even do the simple maintenance work necessary to keep emergency eqiopment functioning then they shouldnt be permitted, let alone publicly funded, to rebuild. More alaska sloth that is killing alaska. We have got to start taking responsibility for our actions and start running this place like a real state, not a welfare state.

Anonymous said...

The problem being the City of Emmonak fire equipment did not work. 3 frozen city fire hydrants, a city fire truck that barely functioned. None of the city fire fighters showed up except the VPSO and the Trooper...There were Kwikpak workers fighting it.....

Kwikpak is NOT a publicly funded entity.