Saturday, January 23, 2016

UFA weighs in

United Fishermen of Alaska, the state's flagship commercial fishing group, is spelling out its policy position as legislators grapple with the state budget crunch.

Here are three UFA documents addressing key issues:

UFA resolution on state fiscal crisis

UFA resolution on state fisheries loan funds

UFA letter on Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission


Anonymous said...

UFA may be the statewide fishing industry voice although it comes up a bit short as the flagship. Each commercial fishing community and the fisheries that support the community have many different voices. Clearly the suggestion that we need to merge the commercial fisheries division with the sport division into one sustainable management team does nothing to improve the opportunities for everyone in the state. Especially with the suggestion coming from representatives from the Mat-Su who are only interested in representing the 17% of legislature and not the people of the entire State. The suggestion that allocation should now be dealt with through the legislature is a sad departure from the current system that gives the public access to management and science through the Department of Fish and Game and the Board of Fisheries and Game. Arrogance is clear, they need to read the initiative decisions again. Appropriations are only one part of the process to sustain our fish and game.

Anonymous said...

Translation of UFA resolutions: Tax everyone else first and then think about taxing the commercial fishing industry. Don't turn over CFEC responsibilities to the ADF&G. We have a sweetheart deal with CFEC who enforces nothing.
If only UFA was what it once was and intended to be. Instead it has lost most of its credibility and no longer has any clout with the legislature. And in spite of Walker's love affair with Cook Inlet commercial fishermen's associations and their members, he is starting to recognize that they need to start to at least pay their own way. And he better start respecting the Anchorage and Mat Su delegation if he wants to get anything done. He burned a lot of bridges in '15 with his indiscriminate firing of numerous persons, time after time. His meddling in the fisheries world was a disaster for him and has not been forgotten.

Anonymous said...

There's a bitter sportie if I ever heard one.

Anonymous said...

The recent ISER study shows that commercial fish taxes do not cover the state management costs of the department, and the state subsidizes costs from the general fund of about $20 - 25 million per year.

The Legislature is looking to trim general fund costs to match the revenues from and expenses of commercial fisheries.

Either raise commercial fisheries taxes or see decreasing budget for ADFG commercial fisheries.

Which do you prefer?