Sunday, January 10, 2016

Fishy bill filed ahead of legislative session

The Alaska Legislature goes back into regular session Jan. 19 and some lawmakers already have prefiled bills, including one "establishing a fisheries enhancement permit."

House Bill 220 is sponsored by Rep. David Talerico, R-Healy. He's co-chair of the House Resources Committee.

No sponsor statement is available yet for HB 220, and the impetus for the legislation is unclear from the language of the bill itself.

So make of it what you will.


Deckboss said...

Here is the sponsor statement:

Anonymous said...

This is how you screw up wild salmon runs and other existing wild fisheries. This proposed bill conflicts with safe management of our fisheries resources.
When runs are down or populations are low, some think that hatcheries are the cure-all.
cue the book: King of Fish

This bill should be DOA

Anonymous said...

The "King of Fish" has yet to be read in Juneau. The Magna Carta, banning fish traps and set nets on the Thames, still confuses em in Juneau too.

Hatcheries have destroyed every wild salmon run on the planet.

"The net is cast and the meshes of it are spread wide;
In the moonlit night the tunnies will come darting thru the sea."
Herodotus Book One; 450 B.C.

Anonymous said...

Aristotle is spot on correct. Hatcheries were given the 'only a positive, great economic thing' stamp of approval early on in their existence. An experiment in domestication with absolutely no regards for consequences beyond the cost of production and the potential profit. said...

Talerico is a shill for mining interests. Its ok to screw up a salmon river with a coal mine, just enhance a run somewhere else. Fish is fish right?