Sunday, January 24, 2016

Increased fish taxes proposed

Gov. Bill Walker is proposing an array of measures to deal with the state budget gap caused by the decline in oil revenue.

The measures include spending cuts, a "modest income tax," increased motor fuel and alcohol and tobacco taxes, and more.

The governor also is looking to the oil, fisheries, mining and tourism industries to "contribute to the solution."

In fisheries, Walker has offered legislation to increase tax rates on seafood processors.

According to this fiscal note, the Department of Revenue estimates the higher fish taxes would raise an extra $18.3 million in fiscal year 2017.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I would want to be in boat insurance business.

Tom Rollman said...

As an Alaskan resident and Bristol Bay setnetter, I am not opposed to a small fish tax being levied on us to help pay for State government. Where I fish there are many more out of state fishermen (including many of my own crew) who take their checks and go home. Be nice to see some of that money stay here. Other Natural resources should be taxed as well.

Anonymous said...

Some of that money does stay there 2:32.

3% to the Borough, 3% to the City, and 1% for a blank web page...

Repeat again.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the marketing of wild Alaska Seafood needs to be first and formost on the list of industry leaders and fisherman. There is NO reason every bit of product produced in Alaska could not and should not be consumed in the U.S. You don't have to travel very far out of the market circle to run into sub par product at inflated prices. You have to be short a few cards from a full deck to think someone in the midwest,south or east is not able to get premium seafood. "We just can't get that here" is an all to common response to ?? about Alaska and Northwest Seafood. A revolution in domestic wild seafood marketing needs to happen. Greater demands for your product here at home may lead to better prices paid to producers (fisherman). Although organized negotiations may need to be in play to break that barrier. Non the less, it's a step that needs to take place industry wide.Better prices to all mean more revenue for all involved.

Anonymous said...

3:45 and others looking for BBRSDA financials...BBRSDA financials are posted. You just have to hover your mouse over Financial Information under About Us until the submenu pops up - then click on Budgets, 990s or whatever you are looking for. This link takes you right to the last 3 years budgets: