Sunday, May 24, 2015

Obama administration doesn't like Young's bill

The Obama administration last week issued a statement indicating Alaska Congressman Don Young's rewrite of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act might not pass muster with the president.

If Obama were presented with Young's legislation (H.R. 1335), "his senior advisors would recommend that he veto the bill," the statement says.

The Magnuson-Stevens Act is the foremost federal law guiding management of the nation's commercial fisheries.

Young says his legislation would reauthorize and "strengthen" the act.

But the administration statement says in part:

H.R. 1335 would interfere with the tremendous success achieved in rebuilding overfished fisheries by setting rebuilding targets that are not based on sound, credible science, and that unnecessarily extend the time to rebuild fisheries. In making these changes, H.R. 1335 introduces a series of ambiguous provisions that could improperly extend rebuilding periods, delaying the significant economic and environmental benefits of rebuilt fisheries to both fishermen and the Nation as a whole.

Young's bill passed the House Natural Resources Committee on April 30.


Anonymous said...

The Western Alaska CDQs were granted by Congress through the MSA by Ted Stevens. Rules and Regulations for the CDQs need to be reinserted through MSA. We can't continue to bleed the wealth of our nation through programs worth millions and millions of dollars with no accountability and transparency such as the CDQ programs in Western Alaska.

Anonymous said...

If Young's name's on it, you can bet bozo the clowns science is backwards, just look at your home town hero?

How many King's swimming past Ft. Yukon, Deaf, Dumb, and Young.