Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A big day for Cannon Fish, APICDA

Cannon Fish Co. plans to cut the ribbon Saturday on a new seafood processing plant in Kent, Washington, south of Seattle.

Cannon Fish belongs to Aleutian Pribilof Island Community Development Association, one of Alaska's Community Development Quota organizations. APICDA acquired the company in 2013.

The new plant has the potential to employ 200 people and will work in conjunction with APICDA processing plants in two remote Alaska communities — Atka and False Pass.

More details in this press release.


Anonymous said...

Western Alaska's CDQ money is still moving south? 20+ years later, poor people are still waiting for a "hand-up" as promised by the CDQ program from Congress.

Anonymous said...

This makes me laugh out loud! The fact is that the APICDA communities have suffered a 50% drain to their populations since the institution of the CDQ program. One of the primary metrics (I hate that word, metrics) for the original grading of the CDQ groups was retention of population. It's a complicated subject but APICDA has miserably failed in that regard. Pete and Larry will do nothing about rectifying that fact though the tired purple miasma will continue to pour forth. It's sad to say this but APICDA is the poster child for what's wrong with the CDQ world. The poor slob that was to be uplifted is a paper fantasy. A lot of people have gotten fat of of Don Young's remake of the M/S part of the CDQ; unfortunately it's been the wrong ones.

Mark Ervice