Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Peter Pan's Collier elected ASMI board chair

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute board of directors, at its May 5 meeting in Juneau, elected a new chair and vice chair.

Barry Collier, president of processing company Peter Pan Seafoods, was elected board chair. He replaces Kevin Adams, a Bristol Bay fisherman, in the position.

Ketchikan fisherman Tomi Marsh was elected board vice chair. She replaces Mark Palmer, president of Ocean Beauty Seafoods.


Anonymous said...

How about that 30% shortfall of Sockeye Salmon that WILL NOT hit the Kobe, Japan fish market this year? What's the skinny on this news? Will it have an impact on prices in Bristol Bay this year? Or NOT? And why? What's the excuse this time? Are the Russians intending to dump fish later on, in the year, because of sanctions imposed by USA and the UK? How is farmed fish production this year going to affect the global market? Good? Bad? Is the Volcano in Chile still affecting farmed salmon production? What's up? ...I'm a very concerned Area M fisherman with a large bill from Trident!

Anonymous said...

You have to ask yourself how comfortable you are having one of the principle proponents of ditching MSC lead ASMI. The loss of value suffered by dropping MSC far exceeds any good ASMI can do with these people in charge.

Anonymous said...

Undercurrent news (you can register for free) has a link to the letter sent by Alaska Salmon Processors Association to the big processors headed by Peter Pan, and others. Good reading. It lays out the manipulation of ASMI, AFDF, and PSVOA, by the big guys for the purpose of throwing out MSC certification for Alaska salmon.

Since the big guys seem to be quite happy with MSC for pollock, cod and other fisheries, why were they so determined to destroy it for salmon. Did they really believe the so called "Alaska brand" was better than MSC or did they have another objective?

Anonymous said...

If you want to believe Ro0b's spin on everything with his selective reasoning and wanna be bitterness, you all deserve to be as confused as you are!! Go back to the beginning and look at the MSC attempted manipulation of ADFG management and the very clear Brand erosion that is at the front of MSC in everyway possible. Companies with nothing but a fish carcass in a bag sent to china have no label or brand to protect. It goes on and on, so do your own research and look to reality, not the zuanich ferry tales and jealosy!!

Anonymous said...

Reality is that none of the Alaska processors has a brand of any consequence. Sometimes you see a Trident product in a market and the next month its gone. In most grocery stores, they have pathetic little shelf space, if any. And as for the Alaska brand, the processors obviously couldn't promote it to success or they wouldn't be coming back begging to be allowed back into MSC.