Thursday, May 2, 2013

Obama picks new commerce secretary

Bet you've never heard of her.

Here's a Washington Post story with details.


Anonymous said...

She sounds like a person the US needs right now.

Hopefully she is the motherly type with a firm and fair discipline procedure.

Anonymous said...

$1.85 Billion, clearly she didn't build that-someone else made that maybe her daddy's money

Anonymous said...

Everyone is screaming about her family's involvement in Chicago corruption... and explains why they fear her.

It takes one to know one. Which is exactly why Obama finally gave her the job.

She's the perfect person for this job.

Anonymous said...

Just because someone in your family is corrupt doesn't mean that you are.

Some people are above lieing, sneaking, stealing, and back-stabbing those who know one is a crook.

They fear her because she is super rich and money can protect her if she is right.

Corrupt people use money to protect them from the wrongs they do.