Monday, May 20, 2013

Can somebody please clean this up?

A fine 'rock vomit' specimen. NOAA photo

The state is looking to hire a contractor to eradicate Didemnum vexillum, also known as "rock vomit," in Whiting Harbor at Sitka.

D. vexillum is an invasive sea squirt, native to Japan, that was first detected in Alaska waters in 2010 on commercial oyster farming gear in Whiting Harbor. It's a notorious fouling organism that can cover everything.

Whiting Harbor was created as part of World War II efforts to defend the Alaska coast. It has been a site for aquaculture activity as far back as 1988.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game aims to award a contract by mid-June to rid Whiting Harbor of rock vomit. The contract is worth $400,000.

Whoever gets the job, let's wish them good luck.

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Anonymous said...

Let F&G do it! They got the manpower and the bucks.