Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Four fishy items in the new state budget

Gov. Sean Parnell today signed off on a new state budget, and it contains several capital items of interest to the commercial fishing community.

Here are four that Deckboss found especially interesting. Click on each to read a project snapshot.

Yakutat Regional Aquaculture Association, $100,000

ASMI canned salmon, herring and protein powder project, $300,000

Kaltag Traditional Council fish processing plant, $447,308

CDQ fleet homeport project, $10 million


Anonymous said...

How much more charity do these billionaire cdq groups need???

Anonymous said...

Pretty fishy alright. Money talks, poor walks.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the Trident new "fishmeal" plant in Naknek comes out into the light with the ASMI canned protein Food Aid focus.

Always figuring out how to "lose" more money off of "worthless" fish.

Using the EPA violations elsewhere as a ruse, well played.

Anonymous said...

Processing dog salmon eggs in Kaltag???????

Scream for the better quality King Salmon that the people of Western Alaska are killing off through their involvement in the pollock fishery. Killing off their peoples own culture and tradition is what's going on.

Anonymous said...

Ten million to the CDQ groups in order for them to 'move the fleet' home should go to the Restoration of the King Salmon that our very own Western Alaska pollock fishery fleet is helping to kill off which is a long standing culture and tradition of their very own people.

Irony at it's best.

We now know who will back Parnell for his next term as governor.

Anonymous said...

Why should the Yakutat Regional Aquaculture Association $100,000 be so interesting? The oyster beds in Washington State are starting to have problems with production and it benefits a community -- mere pennies on the dollar compared to painting an Alaska Airlines jet to look like a salmon. It shouldn't even be on this list.

Jon Corbett said...

Not as much as the Oil & Gas industry...but more than they need. Is there any real value of these CDQ Groups to the supposed communities they "come from"?

Anonymous said...

@6:12am - - - WHO? Who will back Parnell?

Anonymous said...

Trevor is rubbing his hands...

Anonymous said...

@9:04 PM The CDQ groups will back Parnell. Giving them 10 million of our states money resources is a sure sign that they have him in their pockets.

Pollock Provides
Free monopoly money
While it jackscrews
The people crying to
Harvest a few kings
To eat and share

Anonymous said...

Mr. Corbett, you ask a million dollar question that needs an objective answer. The only way to get that answer is through Congress. The State of Alaska gave the CDQs the silver platter and allowed them to provide their own reviews last year. In other words, they gave a handful the key to the candy store.

The "real value of these CDQ Groups" is to the Pollock Fishery in the Bering Sea, which ironically
is killing off the CDQ stakeholders culture and tradtion of living off the salmon.

As for the "supposed communities" of the CDQ groups, they are powerless because the Administrators of the CDQs are in total control and their farce Board of Directors are intimidated by a handful of Board Bullies. They have become the Untouchable Corporate Monsters and will destroy anyone in their path to self-enrichment from a federal dollar program with no state or federal oversight.

It's a 22 year old story that needs an end in order for the CDQ program to work as first promised by Ted Stevens when he convinced Congress to give the poor people of Western Alaska a chance to prosper from a fishery that was destroying their traditional livelihood of living off the salmon returning to the rivers to spawn.

Anonymous said...

Do you think that reducing all those Togiak herring carcasses to protein powder at the Naknek plant is going to stink?