Wednesday, April 3, 2013

48 hours in Anchorage

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council convenes today for a meeting expected to last until Tuesday.

That's a long time to talk fish, but it's normal for the council, which holds about five lengthy meetings a year. Most are held in Alaska, but occasionally the council meets in Washington state or Oregon.

For this meeting, the council has allotted 48 hours to work through the agenda, which includes items on Steller sea lions, fishing cooperatives, the observer program and the scallop stock assessment.

Also of interest, the council will receive federal reports on genetic analysis of salmon bycatch in the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska.

We gave you a taste of one of these reports yesterday. Scientists are working to identify the stocks of origin for salmon taken incidentally in the pollock trawl fisheries.

Here are links to the reports:

Genetic Stock Composition Analysis of Chinook Salmon Bycatch Samples from the 2011 Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska Trawl Fisheries

Genetic Stock Composition Analysis of Chum Salmon Bycatch Samples from the 2011 Bering Sea Walleye Pollock Trawl Fishery


Anonymous said...

It's only taking the Regulators two days to work through an agenda that is destroying years and years of a cultural and traditional use of Salmon in Western Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Two Days


My Grandma

Who is

Twenty-four thousand

Ninety Days Old

Can't Trade

Her King Salmon

With her Old Cousin

For Fear of

Becoming A Criminal

Two Days

Compared to A


Is Cheating

A Salmon Culture

Of Their Rights

To Liberty

In Western Alaska

Anonymous said...

Will they address the issue of the vast numbers of immature salmon harvested by offshore/non-terminal interception fisheries of the Peninsula and Kodiak fleets?

What about all the 2/3's getting caught as 2/2's?

What about all the 1/3's getting caught as 1/2's?

Anonymous said...

The NPFMC cousl do this in 5 or 6 days, on a regular basis. Would save oodles of cash. Of course, that would be less days for the poker games in the Counil suite, poor things. Hope sequestration isn't cutting into entertainment funds ...

Anonymous said...

P - A - R - T - Y!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If "sequestration" cuts into NPFMC's operation funds, the fishing industry would most likely keep their buddies the regulators in the arena. Tight little group, that one.

Anonymous said...

It was about ten years ago when most of the Natives in Western Alaska had no idea what the acroymn NPFMC stood for.

They know now that this council has no empathy for their way of life which is being destroyed by the pollock fishery salmon bycatch blunder in the sea along the shores of their homeland.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for news of the NPFMC's lastest declarations in favor of feeding the poor masses around the world while they ignore the poor masses in Western Alaska.