Wednesday, April 24, 2013

American Dynasty hits Canadian navy frigate

Media reports out of Victoria, British Columbia, say the factory trawler American Dynasty yesterday crashed into a docked Canadian warship.

Here's a report from the Times Colonist of Victoria.

And here's another report with better video of the bizarre mishap.

The 272-foot American Dynasty belongs to Seattle-based American Seafoods. It's one of several factory trawlers the company operates in the Bering Sea pollock fishery.

The news reports say tugs were moving the trawler for maintenance when the incident occurred.

Six people were said to be injured, apparently none seriously.


Anonymous said...

impressive, I bet someone is unemployed today

Anonymous said...

American cod yanker - 1

Canadian harbor patrol boat - 0

I think I even heard in the background " Sooorry, we couldn't get out and about."

Two walls of waves? Really? People are stupid. Obviously a bow tank rupture on the terrorist vessel.

Quit looking at this garbage and get back to the Bay fleet reduction.

Ron Haugan said...

This is one way to slow down the uncontrolled bycatch of halibut!!

Anonymous said...

Wait...Canada has a navy???

Anonymous said...

They do..but American Fishing Vessels are keeping them in port.