Monday, April 8, 2013

Confirmation time

The Alaska House and Senate will meet in joint session at 11 a.m. today to consider the governor's appointees.

Three names are up for the state Board of Fisheries: Reed Morisky, Tom Kluberton and Vince Webster.


Anonymous said...

KRSA gonna get stuffed yet again. Those of you who are members need to totally rethink your game plan. Those you have elected have led you down the wrong direction. The path of hate and greed is narrow.
Attacking boardmembers is not a good demonstration of compromise. Ricky Gease's rant will go nowhere, and has permanently cast your organization in a bad light. As long as he leads, there will be no serious consideration given to you. Time to repent. Get rid of him, and the other drunken lobbyists who embarrass you at every meeting.
Time to be sportsman again, instead of a den of liars, thieves, and spies.

Anonymous said...

Ricky should resign and try to save the associtation a little dignity. If he doesn't I want my dues back. I cant stand to be a part of something so vindivtive.