Monday, December 17, 2012

Murkowski names a new fisheries aide

Jay Sterne is the new fisheries aide for U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska.

Sterne takes the position previously held by Stefanie Moreland, who left in August to become fisheries adviser to Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell.

A press release today from Murkowski's office describes Sterne as "a 20-year veteran of fisheries and Arctic policy discussions."

Prior to Moreland, Arne Fuglvog was fisheries aide to Murkowski.

Fuglvog resigned from the job after admitting to a federal fisheries violation during his days as a commercial fisherman. He served five months in prison this year for the offense.

By way of background, Deckboss knows only a couple of things about Sterne.

In years past, he was involved in lobbying for Prowler Fisheries, a prominent commercial fishing company that belonged to the late John Winther of Petersburg.

And Sterne, you might recall, was among friends who wrote letters asking the judge to take Fuglvog's character and public service into consideration at his sentencing.


Anonymous said...

At least Jay's, part of the same family, as explained in his letter to R. H. Holland.

One Prowler, just like the Other, where great Public Service is always displayed from Petersburg, too Petersburg, 1st Class with a U.S. Marshall

Motel 6's Finest! Where we keep the bugs in bed with each other.

Anonymous said...

How much are they paying Deckboss to remove comments?

Anonymous said...

Are the Fed's really so blind
they don't see the stacking of the deck in Alaska's Fisheries ?

Anonymous said...

A Lobbyist as a Sen Fisheries
Adviser. How is that conflict
of interest even legal?

Anonymous said...

Scratching each others backs because they think they can!

Anonymous said...

There is millions of dollars to be made in the Alaska fisheries, that's why the biggies form a tight circle.

Anonymous said...

Way mor money to be made in oil and gold mining

Fishing is for pikers