Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kodiak processors fail in rockfish challenge

Deckboss trusts you recall how Kodiak processors sued the federal government challenging the Central Gulf of Alaska rockfish catch shares program.

The processors were miffed the program omitted processor shares.

Well, the lawyers have made their arguments, and the judge has ruled.

Processors lose.

Here's the order granting the government summary judgment.


Groundswell said...

Why wasn't the case thrown out earlier, knowing: "that purely economic interests do not fall within NEPA's zone of interests .... "holding that injuries that were 'only pecuniary losses and frustrated financial expectations that [were] not coupled with environmental concerns' were 'outside of NEPA's zone of interests' "

I'd say it is cheap to file an appeal, so believe we may see that soon.

For now, pop a bottle and celebrate one chink in the armour of anticompetitiveness. Chalk one up for real fishermen? Maybe.

It was decided over a mere technicality of legal standing. But, what fishermen really need to read is the complete Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment.

Fish on!

Anonymous said...

Plesha further explained that for Trident, the economic cost resulting fromAmendment has been a nearly tripling of the per pound payment for rockfish and a decrease in
“gross margins earned by Trident‟s plant.”

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that they couldn't pay him off.

Gonna miss ol' uncle Ted and those sweet backdoor deals.

Anonymous said...

Now lets get rid of all Ipq in the crab fisheries

Anonymous said...

So Plesha coulden't buy off of Marsha J. Pechman Chief United States District Judge?

1 little King Crab load later...and Joe's Trail of Tears begins.

Anonymous said...

Plesha's only doing what he's hired to do. It may be better than working at something honest from the financial standpoint, but can you imagine having Chuck's finger up your bung to say such things? Trident being damaged because they had to pay fisherman a fair market price.

Anonymous said...

And the US Department of Justice, is also only doing what their hired to do.

Like Senator John McCain(R) Arizona