Thursday, December 27, 2012

Outlook is good for Upper Cook Inlet sockeye

Here's the 2013 forecast for Upper Cook Inlet sockeye salmon.

It calls for a harvest of 4.9 million fish by all user groups. That's well above the 20-year average of 3.8 million.


Anonymous said...

Good forecast for sockeyes - looks like the department thinks that we are going back to killing kings in Cook Inlet.

Last year harvest was 2,300 - with the similar forecast of late run Kenai River kings, this year commercial fish harvest is projected at 9,000.

Guess the east side set nets will be out in force this coming year.

Anonymous said...


9000 kings
Of which 4000 are jacks and 2700 are kasilof

Last year wasn't 2300 but if it was there would be around40% jacks and 30% kasilof so the number would be under 1000

Far less than the kphook and throttle crowd incidentally killed

Anonymous said...


Are you on vacation? The big news today is the millions that Begich corralled for the Kenai Peninsula and the AYK sport and Commfish guys

Looks like he's fitting in teds seat better each passing day

Anonymous said...

It's good for Upper Cook Inlet that the reds are going to come back again.

It's iffy for the Pilgrim River just a little Northwest of Nome. We're on the 'wait and see' management system up here. Millions of dollars spent with no assured success. Millions of dollars spent with no accountability. Millions of dollars spent just to feed egos. Bye, bye salmon resource, bye, bye.