Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Murkowski is co-chair of new Oceans Caucus

Here's more on the new Senate Oceans Caucus, launched yesterday in Washington, D.C.

Looks like Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, will co-chair the caucus along with Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, a Rhode Island Democrat.

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You know who! said...

Why should she get to be Co-chair since she lied about stating she didn't know that Arne Fuglvog was under investigation by NOAA OLE? She's deserves to e brought up on charges herself, for trying to establish law to let CDQ's to keep non-profit status, or be responsible for any past tax liabilities.

Lisa have you forgotten that you are suppose to work for me your constituents not factions! You're going to get yours some day, courtesy of the DOJ. You can only be corrupt so long before God strikes you down as you deserve. Power corrupts!

You had your chance to fix Crab Ratz, but you stated it wasn't up to you but the NPFMC. But the Senatorial seat you're sitting in racketeered to give economic allocations out violating MSA National Standard #5, and left the crewmen out violating CFR 600.325 National Standard #4: if allocation are issued they shall be fair and equitable to all such fishermen.

Initial allocations did not adhere to:
" c (3) (i) Fairness and equity. (A) .....For instance, an FMP objective to preserve the economic status quo cannot be achieved by excluding a group of long term participants in the fishery ".

As excessive shares were issued to LLP holders and captains but not to crewmen.

Excessive shares distribution:
c (3) (iii) Avoidance of excessive shares. An allocation scheme must be designed to deter any person or other entity from acquiring an excessive share of fishing privileges, and to avoid creating condition fostering inordinate control, by buyers or sellers, that would not otherwise exist.

Other factors:
“ c (3) (iv) other factors. In designing an allocation scheme, a Council should consider other factors relevant to the FMP's objectives. Examples are economic and social consequences of the scheme, food production, consumer interest, dependence on the fishery by present participants and coastal communities, efficiency of the various types of gear used in the fishery, transferability of effort to and impact on other fisheries, opportunity for new participants to enter the fishery, and enhancement of opportunities for recreational fishing”.

So Murkowski do something to fix it or be part of the conspiracy to keep the crew from receiving their legal rights due to us.