Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This year's Alaska Permanent Fund dividend is $1,174, Gov. Sean Parnell announced this morning.

The payments from the state's oil wealth investment account will go out beginning Oct. 6 to 647,549 eligible Alaskans.

Last year's dividend was $1,281.


Anonymous said...

wow.....$760,222,526!!! that would have bought a lot of schools,roads,bridges,etc. instead of being farted off for booze,dope,t.v's.and xboxes.

good choice,alaskans. not.

Anonymous said...

oh so maybe it's better to piss it all away on teacher pension plans are better yet how about state workers pension plans!are how about???give me a break you conservitive blue nose ass hole,we know who will pay for those pension plans when oil runs dry,yes the people buying those x boxs through higher state taxs so get off our backs,sit down and learn something open your ears and shut your mouth!

Anonymous said...

Maybe some smartguys from OR and WA can write a letter -- demanding that AK send some resource cash down to the poor boo-hoos down south

Anonymous said...

"conservative bluenose asshole???"


"a conservative political purpose" from a Black Sheep, Troy(R) New York!

The same town Abraham Lincoln(R), found a Black Sheep Squadron.


Anonymous said...

"Conservative Bluenose Assholes???" and you should have met their deckboss, World Champions, with an unbreakable record to this day, the Americas Cup

Fishin forTuition? The Cod Schooner, on a Canadian Dime.


Anonymous said...

Sean Parnell would have us give it to the oil companies in the form of a tax reduction.

Anonymous said...

Thats the old Parnell brown nose club, remember Sara. Just look at her left overs, from the Fish Board without a brain, on display today; see Cook Inlet. and the deaf, dumb, and blind. the Palin Parnell brown nose club, you could pay a dividend of $111, 777,444. and never get so much enjoyment watching another derelict and a Spenard Divorce.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone has been drinking.

Anonymous said...

"Sounds like someone has been drinking."

lol...or play the "glass flute".:)