Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Last call for coho

Low coho abundance precludes an extension of the Southeast Alaska summer salmon troll fishery, which will close at midnight.

That's the official word from the Department of Fish and Game.

The state's latest tally shows a Southeast summer troll catch of just over 1.1 million coho.


Anonymous said...

The worst since 1982, and the 23rd worst in the last 30 thirty years? And the troll season went on all summer long. Hardly abundance based management.

Anonymous said...

wasn't 1982 29 years ago?

Anonymous said...

Just reporting the facts as read from the announcement.

Anonymous said...

Coho sport fishing was closed in the Nome area on September 16 but Subsistence gill net fishing remained open. The announcement stated "Think of it as an investment of silver in the bank with silvers protected on the spawning grounds and no withdrawals allowed. The pay off will come in 2015......"! Hopefully this F&G Area Manager is looking into becoming a Bank Teller. He advises us to 'wait for 4 years to see if the investment will work'