Monday, October 18, 2010

Here are the Exxon Valdez payment lists!

As Deckboss reported over the weekend, the administrator of the Exxon Valdez lawsuit winnings is preparing to make a large "final distribution."

Depending on the outcome of certain remaining issues in court, the administrator intends to pay claims according to one of these three very long lists:

Scenario 1 list
Scenario 2 list
Scenario 3 list

Click on each list to find your name and the possible amount of money you can expect, before deduction of attorney fees.

For more information, click here.


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

We should all be thankful it was a tanker spill and not an offshore drilling spill like in the Gulf of Mexico.
Murkowski voted to cap damages at $75 million. Damn are we lucky!

Anonymous said...

why are the Allocations from the 16th punitive damages so much less for me then from the 15th punitive damages allocation??? and what is thew difference ?

Anonymous said...

I think on the eqsf site as of the 15th it was updated that list one is the one that will be used.As far as the difference between 15th and 16th , this is the second round for those on the 16th list , clearly you are not following the case

Anonymous said...